Venture capital investment gravitates towards London’s fintech scene

**Title: London Fintech Startups and Venture Capital – Record Year of Success**


Discover London’s booming fintech scene and its record-breaking year of venture capital-led investment. With over $2 billion in funding across more than 100 deals, London is surpassing New York in fintech innovation. This success extends beyond the capital, with Manchester and Northern Ireland also showcasing their fintech potential.

As the biggest investor in the UK’s financial services sector and the broader economy, the US is eager to learn more about the innovation and creativity coming from UK fintech startups. American VC investment in UK and London companies has already reached $4.4 billion this year, highlighting the growing interest.

Join us as we explore the immense opportunities in the rapidly digitizing global economy and how UK and US investors are forming crucial relationships. A delegation of British VC representatives will connect directly with their US counterparts in San Francisco to strengthen these ties.

As the City of London Corporation champions the connection between two leading tech and innovation hubs, we are witnessing the start of a new era. The fourth industrial revolution has given us a golden opportunity to reshape the global financial services industry, and we are ready to seize it.

Watch now to learn more about London’s fintech success story and the incredible potential for future growth.

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The outcome of Thursday’s election will be of significant interest to our partners on the other side of the Atlantic.I am confident, however, that both our US and Mexican partners will recognise the huge, long-term opportunities for closer collaboration as technology opens up a new chapter in our trading relationship.The rapidly increasing digitisation of the global economy is a major challenge and opportunity for us all.Fintech startups across the UK are already at the front of the curve. London alone has seen a record year so far of venture capital-led fintech investment, with over $2bn of funding across more than 100 deals – more than New York.This success story was evident when I recently visited both Manchester and Northern Ireland, where the likes of Acceleris and FinTrU demonstrated that this potential is nationwide and not just confined to the capital.This is innovation and creativity that global investors want to know about, none more so than those in the US – the biggest investor into the UK’s financial services sector and the broader economy – and especially those in Silicon Valley.2019 has been a record year for American VC investment into UK and London companies, with US investors already involved in $4.4bn worth of deals into British firms so far this year – up from $4bn in 2018.I believe that this is just the start, and that we are only beginning to realise the full scale of opportunities that exist.That’s why this visit forms part of a broader campaign by the City of London Corporation to connect two of the world’s leading tech and innovation hubs more closely than ever before.For that reason, a delegation of British VC representatives will also join me in San Francisco to build relationships directly between US and UK investors – relationships that

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