Upcoming VC Interview: Raffi Kamber, Partner at Alven

**UPComingVC: Venture Capital Investment Challenge at STATION F, the World’s Largest Startup Campus**

Welcome to UPComingVC, the Venture Capital Investment Challenge held at STATION F, the renowned startup campus. In its 2nd edition in France, UPComingVC brought together a diverse group of participants, showcasing the best of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

UPComingVC is an opportunity for aspiring startups and VCs to interact, learn, and network with industry professionals. With a focus on B2B tech, including SaaS, APIs, and AI, Alven Capital and other prestigious VCs provided insights on their investment strategies at different stages of a startup’s growth, from seed to Series A.

Congratulations to TEAM #1, Eugenie, Chloé, and Franz, for being designated the “Upcoming VCs” by the jury. Their exceptional skills and knowledge set them apart in this exciting challenge. Additionally, Olivier from Prodibi was elected the “Most Investable Startup” by the Challengers, demonstrating their potential for success.

We would like to express our gratitude to Schoolab for partnering in organizing this incredible event. Special thanks to our sponsors, eCap Partner, Monaize, and Komodo, for their valuable support and contribution. La French Tech played a significant role in extending their support to UPComingVC at the French Tech Central.

We also want to acknowledge the media partners, Maddyness, and Startup Sesame, for their coverage and promotion of this event. Their involvement helped create awareness and opportunities for all participants.

We are truly grateful to all the participants, including 14 VCs such as Alven, ISAI Gestion, and Partech Ventures, and 19 innovative startups like Bitit, GoodWall, and Shapeheart. The event was made even more vibrant with the presence of 38 Challengers from 6 different countries.

Last but not least, a huge shoutout to the incredible STAFF @ UPComingVC for their hard work and dedication in bringing this event to life.

Keep an eye out for UPComingVC in 2018 as we continue to foster connections, empower startups, and drive innovation in the ever-evolving world of venture capital. Visit our website at []( to stay updated and learn more about our upcoming events.

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*Source: [UPComingVC Website](*

“UPComingVC, a Venture Capital Investment Challenge” held its 2nd edition for the first time in France, hosted by STATION F, “world’s largest startup campus”.

What is UPComingVC? 👉

Congrats to TEAM #1, Eugenie + Chloé + Franz, on being designated the “Upcoming VCs” by the jury of VCs….

… and to Olivier from Prodibi on being elected the “Most Investable Startup” by the Challengers!


* Schoolab for partnering with us for the organisation;

* eCap Partner, Monaize & Komodo for supporting us;

* La French Tech for your support and for allowing us to extend it at the French Tech Central;

*, Maddyness and Startup Sesame for relaying the event; and;

* all the Participants 💪🙏:

👉 the 14 VCs: Alven, AngelSquare, ISAI Gestion,, Ventech, Partech Ventures, Otium, Elaia Partners, Kima Ventures, Global Founders Capital, KREAXI, CapHorn Invest, Indiana Capital and daphni.

👉 the 19 Startups: ActionDesk, BIOWATCH SA, Bitit, Biz.u, CamToy, Care Game,, Gameblr Esports, GoodWall, Hidora, Jawg, Oizom Instruments, Prodibi, Shapeheart, SHERIFF, SMARTRENTING, StoryShaper, SwissPay, Voxist

👉 the 38 Challengers, traveling from 6 countries!

👉 and the incredible STAFF @ UPComingVC!


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