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**New Children’s Picture Book by Stephen Hawking to be Published**

A new children’s picture book titled “You and the Universe” is set to be published, six years after the death of renowned theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking. Co-authored by Hawking’s daughter, Lucy Hawking, and illustrated by Xin Li, the book aims to inspire children to ask big questions about the Earth and the cosmos. Publisher Puffin describes the book as an adaptation of Hawking’s posthumous 2020 Earth Day message, which was originally transmitted toward the nearest black hole after his memorial service in 2018. With a focus on big challenges, the role of science and technology, as well as the future of humanity, the book draws on Hawking’s words to engage young readers.

**Inspiring Curiosity through the Universe**

Lucy Hawking expressed her excitement about the upcoming publication, stating that “You and the Universe is an imaginative and inclusive book which brings my father’s extraordinary work in science to life for readers of all ages.” She believes that combining her father’s words with Xin Li’s stunning illustrations will captivate young scientists and ignite their curiosity about the universe we live in.

**Stephen Hawking’s Legacy**

Stephen Hawking, known for his groundbreaking work in physics and cosmology, passed away in March 2018. Throughout his lifetime, he published several best-selling books, including the renowned “A Brief History of Time”. He also collaborated with his daughter on a series of children’s books, starting with “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” in 2007. Hawking’s final message, which was transmitted from a satellite dish in Cebreros, Spain, urged people to work together and practice tolerance and respect. Narrated by Hawking himself and accompanied by music composed by Vangelis, the message aimed to inspire people and encourage them to ponder the wonders of the world.

**A Captivating Picture Book**

Publishing director Ruth Knowles at Puffin describes “You and the Universe” as a special picture book that presents Stephen Hawking’s words in an accessible way for young readers. The book’s content, perfectly tailored for children, intends to inspire curiosity and wonder, encouraging children everywhere to look up and marvel at the fascinating world around them. The picture book is scheduled to be released on March 26, 2024.

Overall, “You and the Universe” promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking children’s book that will introduce young readers to the wonders of science and the mysteries of the universe. With Stephen Hawking’s insightful words and Xin Li’s captivating illustrations, this book is poised to ignite curiosity and inspire a new generation of young scientists.

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