Discussions with Francisco Ferreira Pinto #4: Examining the Ecosystem from an Investor’s Perspective

### [Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto – Episode 4: Investors and their Evolution]([video_id])

Welcome to the fourth episode of “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto”, a captivating series where Francisco, our esteemed Partner & Executive Director at Bynd Venture Capital, delves into the intriguing world of investors and their evolution.

In this episode, Francisco shares his astute insights on the changing landscape of investing, providing valuable information for both entrepreneurs and aspiring investors alike. Discover how the investment ecosystem has transformed over time and gain valuable knowledge on how to navigate and collaborate within this dynamic world.

Our 8-part series features exclusive snippets from a compelling interview with ScaleUp Portugal, showcasing the expertise of Francisco and his profound understanding of the startup ecosystem. If you’re eager to learn more about the working philosophy and strategies of Bynd Venture Capital, this is an episode not to be missed!

**Watch the video now:** [Episode 4: Investors and their Evolution]([video_id])

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In the fourth episode of “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto”, Bynd’s Partner & Executive Director talks about investors and their evolution.

This 8 part series was compiled from an interview with ScaleUp Portugal where our partner Francisco gave his insights on the ecosystem and how you can work with Bynd Venture Capital!


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