Unveiling the Rising Trend Among Gen Z: Leveraging Delusional Mindset as a Powerful Hack for Career Success

**Harnessing the Power of Delusion: How Gen Zers Are Using the “Delulu” Mindset to Land Dream Jobs**

*The Rise of the Delulu Trend*

In uncertain economic times, what is the best characteristic for launching a successful career? According to a new trend among Gen Z workers, it’s delusion. On platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok, young workers are sharing their stories of how they’ve been able to land their dream jobs simply by believing they can. They’ve coined this mindset as “being delulu,” and it has gained significant popularity with over 1.6 billion views on TikTok.

*From Dating Trend to Career Hack*

The concept of being delulu originated as a dating trend, where it refers to steadfastly believing that someone could be interested in you even when the signs suggest otherwise. Gen Zers have taken this mindset and applied it to their careers, tricking themselves into believing that they deserve their dream jobs. By faking confidence and adopting a delusional mindset, they have found success in securing their desired roles.

*Real-Life Examples of Delusion Paying Off*

Numerous individuals have shared their success stories that resulted from being delulu. One TikToker claimed that being delulu helped her transition from being homeless to owning a 7-figure business. Another individual shared how they promoted themselves by pretending to be higher up in their company. In one instance, a TikToker went for a job interview in a language they were not completely fluent in. Despite this, they managed to secure the job by confidently portraying themselves as the new boss. This led to them eventually hiring and training new employees.

*Delulu as an Extension of the Manifestation Craze*

The delulu trend can be viewed as an extension of the manifestation craze that has taken hold of social media in recent years. Manifestation involves turning thoughts into reality through positive thinking or writing down goals. On TikTok, users frequently post videos manifesting various desires, including wealth and romantic partners. The delulu mindset takes this a step further by encouraging individuals to act out their manifestations in real life. Gen Zers have embraced this mindset as a valuable tool for professional success and have even shared it on LinkedIn to advance their careers.

*Delusion in Different Professions*

Professionals across different fields have recognized the value of embracing a delulu mindset. Selcan Tufan, a paralegal, wrote on LinkedIn about how a bit of delusion can empower law professionals to face complex cases, high stakes, and formidable opponents with unwavering self-belief. A copywriter also expressed the importance of staying delulu in order to progress in the field.

*Confidence, Ambition, and Gender Disparities*

Although being delulu is often portrayed as a cheat code to success, it essentially boils down to the concept of being a confident go-getter. This culture encourages participants, particularly women, to oversell themselves, aim for seemingly unrealistic goals, and assertively demand what they want. Some have even likened being delulu to acting like an ambitious white man, highlighting the difference in confidence levels between men and women in professional settings. Studies have shown that cultural beliefs and gender stereotypes contribute to pay gaps and the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles.

*The Dignity of Delusion*

While the delulu trend has gained popularity among working women, its name may undermine its significance. “Delulu” implies silliness, but there is nothing delusional about achieving goals through assertive self-advocacy. The mindset of being delulu empowers individuals to develop confidence in facing challenges, overcome imposter syndrome, seize opportunities, and build resilience. It is a powerful tool that allows individuals to compete and thrive in competitive fields.

In uncertain times, the delulu mindset offers a unique approach to career advancement. By embracing a bit of delusion, Gen Zers are defying the odds and pursuing their dreams with unwavering self-belief. It’s a mindset that encourages individuals to step outside their comfort zones, challenge societal norms, and strive for success on their own terms. Through the power of delusion, they are rewriting their career narratives and paving the way for a new generation of confident and ambitious professionals.

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