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Tools for Thought: How Supernormal is Changing the Future of Meeting Notes


Welcome to another edition of our Tools for Thought series, where we highlight founders who are revolutionizing the way we work and think. In this article, we explore the mission of Supernormal and its Head of AI, Jim Kleban. Supernormal is an AI-powered app that offers detailed meeting notes without the need to take them manually, saving you ten minutes in every meeting. We discuss the undervalued importance of note-taking, the relationship between note-taking and decision-making, the future of AI in the workplace, and more.

The Importance of Note-Taking

Most people understand the value of taking meeting notes, yet in most cases, notes never get used again. According to Jim Kleban, this is because there is no structure in place to create an organizational memory of what has been discussed over time. Meetings are still conducted similarly to the pre-remote work era, with no agenda, no note-taking, and action items forgotten.

Supernormal: A Solution to Common Meeting Challenges

Supernormal aims to make meetings a more valuable use of time by offering tools that help people before, during, and after their meetings. The app syncs with your calendar, making it easy to add the notetaker feature. During the meeting, the app automatically transcribes the conversation and generates meeting notes. The set of meeting notes includes a short summary, a longer summary with all the details, and a list of action items.

Supernormal also provides custom notes tailored to specific types of meetings, like customer discovery calls, interviews, and business pitches. After the meeting, the transcript and notes can be automatically shared with participants. The app helps teams build memory over the knowledge contained in their meeting discussions by organizing past meetings for easy reference. Anyone can find past meetings by searching over transcripts and notes.

Real-Life Example

Suppose you’re a product manager trying to validate your product idea. To conduct a customer discovery call using Supernormal, you would first identify potential customers who fit your target market. You then send the usual meeting invite to have them participate in a call and include the Supernormal notetaker.

On the call, you would ask the customers a series of questions that help you better understand whether your product idea addresses their needs. With Supernormal in the meeting, you can stay fully focused on what the customer is telling you, and Supernormal will generate custom note sections based on who is speaking. Afterward, anyone you share the meeting with can access the transcript and notes. You can easily share out the notes via email or message, and people who weren’t present on the call can quickly learn by reading the notes and diving into the relevant parts of the transcript.

Supernormal AI: Transforming the Future of Meeting Notes

Supernormal invested heavily in transforming its AI to provide accurate, concise, and detailed notes. Unlike other transcription tools, Supernormal accurately summarizes the meeting to provide better insights and reminders for participants. The app generates notes for meetings in languages other than English and helps participants refine notes by editing them or applying custom templates.

Sharing Meeting Notes

Meeting notes can be much more than a record of what has been discussed, as they often formalize key decisions. Supernormal gives meeting participants the ability to refine the output notes from the AI, making it easy to automatically share notes with participants, copy notes and send an email, or just share a link to the meeting. All recorded meetings are securely stored and discoverable on Supernormal. The app integrates with Slack, Hubspot, and Pipedrive, making it easier to save and share notes in the tools you’re already using.

Who Uses Supernormal?

Supernormal is popular amongst remote workers as it provides a superpower at work. Teams with important external meetings that not everyone attends benefit greatly from transcripts and notes. AI is a game-changer for the workplace, and tools like Supernormal show what’s possible when AI helps but doesn’t replace humans in our work.


Supernormal is revolutionizing note-taking for meetings and helping workers be more productive in their day-to-day activities. With the ability to generate custom notes, store and share automatically, and integrate with popular workplace tools, Supernormal is shaping the future of meeting notes. The focus on making note-taking effortless and intuitive through AI showcases the potential of AI in the workplace.

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