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**Title: The Battle of Angel’s Share: India vs UK Whisky Makers**


In the fierce rivalry between India and the UK as whisky maker nations, a contentious issue has emerged – ‘angel’s share’. But, what exactly is this phenomenon and why are whisky makers from both countries at odds over it? Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this age-old debate.

Angel’s share refers to the evaporation of two to three percent of the spirit during the maturation process in wooden casks, particularly in colder climates[^1^]. This unique concept inspired British filmmaker Ken Lodge to create the acclaimed movie ‘Angel Share’ in 2012[^1^]. According to legends, this vanishing portion of spirit is believed to be enjoyed by angels themselves when the casks are filled with freshly prepared spirit[^1^].

However, the influence of temperature on whisky maturation is crucial. Warm weather expedites the aging process, while cold climates significantly slow it down, resulting in an extended maturation period[^1^]. This is where the clash arises between Indian and Scottish whiskies. Due to India’s higher temperatures, Indian whisky matures faster than its Scottish counterpart[^1^].

The ongoing dispute between Indian and UK whisky makers revolves around the maturation period required to be classified as whisky[^1^]. UK whisky makers insist that a minimum of three years of maturation inside the casks is a prerequisite. However, the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverages Companies argues that this demand is unfair considering the significant angel’s share in India and the financial burden of prolonging the maturation period[^1^].

Several factors contribute to the determination of angel’s share, including the quality of malt, the type of wood used for the casks, humidity, and exposure to light[^1^]. In fact, the Director General of the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverages Companies reveals that in Indian conditions, the angel’s share can range from 10 to 12 percent over a three-year period[^1^].

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There is a tussle brewing between India and the UK as whisky maker nations. It is over ‘angel’s share’. What is it? And why whisky makers are sparring over it? Let’s find out

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