Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome: Insights from Dr. Rita Das | Swasthya Sambad

**What is Computer Vision Syndrome? Dr. Rita Das | Swasthya Sambad**

Learn about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and its impact on your eye health in this informative video by Dr. Rita Das. As part of the Swasthya Sambad series, you’ll gain valuable insights into managing and preventing CVS.

Uninterrupted screen time has become a common part of our daily lives, but it comes with its own set of challenges. CVS, also known as digital eye strain, refers to the eye discomfort experienced after prolonged computer, tablet, or smartphone use.

In this video, Dr. Rita Das, a renowned eye specialist, delves into the causes, symptoms, and prevention of CVS. You’ll learn about the importance of taking frequent breaks, adjusting screen settings, and practicing proper ergonomics to alleviate eye strain.

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Don’t let Computer Vision Syndrome hinder your daily activities. Take charge of your eye health now!

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What is Computer Vision Syndrome? Dr Rita Das | Swasthya Sambad

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