Uncover the Exclusivity: Explore Casa Cipriani – NYC’s Premier Social Club with a $4,000 Annual Membership

**Casa Cipriani: New York City’s Exclusive Social Club and Luxury Hotel**

*The Rise of Private Members-only Clubs in NYC*

Private members-only clubs have long been a staple of the New York City social scene, offering exclusivity and a place for the wealthy to network and enjoy luxurious amenities. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, these clubs have proven to be stronger than ever, providing a safe and private environment for their members. Casa Cipriani, established in 2021, is one such club that has gained attention in recent years. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Casa Cipriani apart and why it has become a hot topic of conversation in the city.

**What is Casa Cipriani?**

Casa Cipriani is a social club and luxury hotel located in lower Manhattan, New York City. The Cipriani name is well-known, with a history dating back to 1985 when Giuseppe Cipriani opened Harry’s Cipriani, following the success of his father’s restaurant, Harry’s Bar, in Venice, Italy. The Cipriani name quickly gained recognition as the establishment became a favorite among A-listers and grew into a global luxury restaurant and hospitality chain.

Nearly 40 years later, Maggio Cipriani, Giuseppe’s great-grandson and Cipriani’s New York-based president, led the creation of Casa Cipriani. The club offers membership options for individuals willing to pay a yearly fee of $3,900, plus a $2,000 initiation fee. The hotel, on the other hand, is open to the public and charges an average of a bit more than $700 per night. Casa Cipriani boasts a range of amenities, including a restaurant, Jazz Café, bars and lounges, as well as outdoor spaces like terraces and a rooftop with breathtaking views of the iconic New York City skyline.

**Inside the Gatsby-Esque Ambiance of Casa Cipriani**

Casa Cipriani’s interior design takes inspiration from Harry’s Bar, featuring zebra-printed furniture, wood-paneled opulence, and a distinctly vintage feel. The club exudes an atmosphere reminiscent of old-school New York glamour, complete with black-and-white photos of 1950s stars and celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. The architect and designer behind Casa Cipriani, Thierry Despont, aimed to create a sense of “vintage luxury ocean liner,” drawing on his experience designing other high-profile projects such as The Ritz in Paris and Claridge’s in London.

Casa Cipriani is housed within the Battery Maritime building, a historical structure built in 1909 and the last remnant of the city’s old ferry terminals. The development of the building went through various failed phases until recently, when a refinancing deal worth $100 million was secured by the owners—Midtown Equities, Centaur Properties, and Cipriani S.A.

**Who Belongs to Casa Cipriani?**

Casa Cipriani attracts a particular crowd known as HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet)—individuals who are high earners but haven’t yet achieved extreme wealth. Business people comprise a significant portion of the membership, and the club often serves as a place for networking and deal-making. However, some critics have deemed the crowd at Casa Cipriani ostentatious and obnoxious, with wealthy housewives from Long Island occasionally adding an over-the-top element to the atmosphere.

The club has also gained attention for attracting famous faces. Alicia Keyes, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds are just a few celebrities who have been spotted at Casa Cipriani. The club’s strict no-photography policy ensures privacy for its celebrity guests, though there have been rumors of members being ousted for taking photos of Taylor Swift during her date with Matty Healy. This incident reportedly led Swift to cancel her membership, and it has sparked speculations about Casa Cipriani’s efforts to attract a “cooler clientele.” The club’s spokesperson denied these allegations, emphasizing the demand for membership at Casa Cipriani.

**Exclusivity and Growing Pains at Casa Cipriani**

Casa Cipriani strives to set itself apart from other clubs in the city by embracing an old money-like vibe, which resonates with the younger generation’s affinity for this aesthetic. However, the club has unintentionally gained attention for its controversial moments, frequently making headlines in tabloid fodder. These incidents, along with the continuous growth and shifting clientele, have created growing pains for Casa Cipriani, as it navigates its position in the New York City social scene.

In conclusion, Casa Cipriani offers a unique experience for its members, combining luxury hotel accommodations with exclusive access to a social club. With its rich history, upscale ambiance, and strict privacy policies, Casa Cipriani has managed to attract both accomplished individuals and celebrities alike. As the club continues to evolve and establish its place in the city, it will be fascinating to observe how it adapts to meet the expectations and demands of its discerning members.

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