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## **Join us for the 2nd day of Batch B training on Revenue Generation and Marketing Techniques for Lagos Television staff!**

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### **Generate Income and Improve Profitability: Training Highlights**

In this video, we bring you the highlights of the 2nd day of Batch B training at Lagos Television. Our staff members are being equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to generate income and improve profitability for the organization. We believe that sustainable growth starts from within, and that’s why we are investing in our workforce.

The training has been highly interactive, with participants actively engaging and sharing their experiences. As facilitators, we have also learned valuable insights from our staff. The response has been tremendous, and we are excited to see the impact of this training on our service delivery.

### **Implementing New Techniques: Participants’ Perspectives**

Hear from the participants themselves as they share their thoughts on implementing the knowledge acquired during the training. They emphasize the importance of personal branding and how it influences their ability to sell the brand effectively. By enhancing their communication and networking skills, they aim to attract more viewers and make Lagos Television more reputable in the industry.

The management’s decision to organize this training reflects their commitment to the growth and success of Lagos Television. With this workshop, our staff is empowered to contribute immensely to revenue generation for the TV station, ultimately benefiting both the organization and its employees.

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In achieving sustainable growth, staff of Lagos Television met for the 2nd day of Batch B training on equipping members of staff with requisite knowledge and skills on generating income and improving profitability for the organisation.

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