President Tinubu’s Maritime Roadmap for Transport Line

**Title: Revolutionizing Nigeria’s Maritime Sector | Lagos Television**

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In this video, we discuss the immense potential of Nigeria’s maritime sector and the roadmap for its development. Charles, a renowned scholar, university lecturer, and author, shares valuable insights on how the sector can generate significant revenue and employment opportunities for the nation.

President (President’s Name) has been tirelessly shaking the table to bring about positive change in Nigeria’s leadership. As he continues to steer the nation towards progress, it is crucial to explore alternative sources of revenue beyond the inherited debt. Experts believe that the maritime sector holds the key to unlocking new economic possibilities for Nigeria.

Charles highlights the urgent need to establish a Ministry of Maritime to oversee and optimize the sector’s growth. With this dedicated ministry, a focused approach towards harnessing the sector’s vast potential can be achieved. He emphasizes the importance of enabling the Eastern ports, such as Port Harcourt, Calabar, and Delta, to flourish, reducing the burden on Lagos and creating employment opportunities.

Additionally, Charles emphasizes the need to revamp the Nigerian Maritime University and prioritize its role in training future maritime professionals. This academic institution should be further developed to produce competent experts who will drive the sector forward.

Furthermore, Charles recommends a reevaluation of the government agencies and parastatals operating under the Ministry of Transport. Separating the maritime sector into a specialized ministry will facilitate better coordination and synergy among these agencies.

If effectively harnessed and managed, the maritime sector has the potential to surpass the oil sector in revenue generation. President (President’s Name) is urged to carefully consider these recommendations and take decisive action to transform Nigeria’s maritime sector for the benefit of the nation and its citizens.

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