The Ultimate Greenwich Waterfront: Prestigious Estate with Private Beaches on Long Island Sound Sells for Almost $140 Million

**Record Sale: Copper Beech Farm Sells for Nearly $139 Million in Connecticut**
Copper Beech Farm, a prestigious estate located in the affluent New York suburb of Greenwich, has recently been sold for close to $139 million, making it the highest-priced residential sale in Connecticut’s history, according to Sotheby’s International Realty. This article explores the details of the property and its recent record-breaking sale.

**A Rich History and Luxurious Features**
The estate, which spans over 50 acres (20 hectares), was originally owned by a family who played a significant role in the establishment of U.S. Steel. Dating back to the late 19th century, the main house on the property is an impressive 13,500-square-foot mansion with eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Additionally, the estate comprises a three-bedroom gatehouse and a two-bedroom carriage house with a distinctive clock tower.

**Unparalleled Waterfront Beauty**
One of the standout features of Copper Beech Farm is its stunning waterfront location. Located on Long Island Sound, the property boasts two private beaches, offering residents a secluded and picturesque setting. The estate also includes a swimming pool, a grass tennis court, and an apple orchard, providing ample recreational opportunities for its owners.

**Demand for Greenwich Waterfront**
Leslie McElwreath, the listing agent from Sotheby’s International Realty, emphasizes the constant high demand for waterfront properties in Greenwich. Copper Beech Farm is considered the epitome of Greenwich waterfront real estate due to its extensive acreage and an unprecedented amount of shoreline. The property’s exceptional features and location make it a highly sought-after residence.

**The Recent Sale**
Copper Beech Farm, which was previously sold in 2014 for approximately $120 million, was listed for sale earlier this year at $150 million. Ultimately, the estate sold for $138,830,000, although the buyer and seller’s identities have not been disclosed. The seller is rumored to be a limited liability company associated with Bridgewater Associates, the hedge fund founded by billionaire Ray Dalio. This recent sale sets the record for the highest-priced home ever sold in Connecticut.

**The Impact and Status**
Leslie McElwreath confirms that Copper Beech Farm’s previous sale in 2014 was also the most expensive residential sale in the state at that time. Since then, there have been no sales surpassing its price. While McElwreath cannot definitively rank the property among the top sales in the country, she estimates that it likely falls within the top 20 real estate transactions. Determining the exact position is challenging due to the lack of available data for verification.

In conclusion, the recent sale of Copper Beech Farm for approximately $139 million establishes a new record for the highest-priced residential sale in Connecticut. With its rich history, luxurious amenities, and idyllic waterfront location, this estate is a sought-after gem in the prestigious town of Greenwich.

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