The Optimal Approach to New Employment: Embrace the 80-95% Rule and Avoid Giving Your 100%

**Should You Give 100% at a New Job? A Career Coach Weighs In**

Starting a new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Many new hires feel the pressure to impress their boss and show unwavering commitment from the moment they onboard. However, according to career coach, giving 100% right from the start may not be the best approach.

**Setting Realistic Expectations: Save Your Energy**, a career fulfillment and job search coach with over 13 years of experience in HR, advises high-achieving new starters to avoid setting unrealistic expectations for their future career at the company. She believes that the first few weeks in a new role will set the precedent for your work capacity.

The career coach suggests that if you don’t want your boss to expect you to constantly work overtime or take on more than you can handle in a day, it’s important not to signal that you’re willing to do so from the beginning. By going above and beyond immediately, you are essentially setting a new baseline for your performance, which can be difficult to sustain in the long run.

**Finding a Balanced Approach: Dial It Back to 80-95%**

Instead of giving 100% right from the start, recommends starting with about 80% to 95% of your energy. This allows you to set a more realistic expectation for your performance level. However, she also emphasizes that there may be times when you need to go all out, such as during important presentations or when your team is in crisis mode. By protecting your energy and pacing yourself, you can perform better in the long-term.

**The Pros and Cons of Giving 100% Early On**

Many viewers resonated with’ advice, sharing their own experiences of over-delivering in previous new roles and eventually burning out. Some felt pressured to maintain their initial high performance level, while others found themselves having to work even harder as expectations increased.

However, not everyone agreed with this approach. Some viewers believed that making a good impression from the start is crucial and can lead to promotions and opportunities. They argued that being under constant observation in a new job is an ideal time to demonstrate your capabilities.

In contrast to’ theory, one viewer shared that putting in the work early on actually generated trust with their boss, allowing them to dial back their efforts over time without any negative consequences. This approach helped them build equity and flexibility in their work.

**In Conclusion**

Should you give 100% at a new job? While advises against it, there are differing opinions on this matter. It ultimately depends on the individual, their work environment, and their long-term goals. Finding a balanced approach and setting realistic expectations for your performance can help prevent burnout and ensure sustainable success in your new role.

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