The Gaslight Anthem Makes an Epic Comeback with a Sensational Bruce Springsteen Collaboration and a Fresh Album

**Gaslight Anthem Releases Song with Bruce Springsteen: A Collaboration Years in the Making**

**Gaslight Anthem’s Critique as “Bruce Springsteen” Copycats Disproven with New Song**

For years, The Gaslight Anthem, the beloved New Jersey rock band, faced criticism for being labeled “Bruce Springsteen” copycats. However, their latest release, “History Books,” the title track from their first album in nine years, features a collaboration with the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. This collaboration not only disproves the critics but also showcases the band’s growth and musical prowess.

**A Tasteful Blend of Freeway Rock and Tremulous Harmonies**

“History Books” is a heartfelt and soaring freeway rock song, amplified by the powerful vocals of frontman Brian Fallon and the iconic tremulous harmonies of Bruce Springsteen. The song serves as a nod to the band’s long-held comparisons to Springsteen, with Fallon himself acknowledging the subtle wink in the collaboration. In the past, Fallon had even written to his fans, explicitly stating, “My name isn’t Bruce,” to address the ongoing comparisons. However, this collaboration with Springsteen solidifies The Gaslight Anthem’s standing and renders any critiques invalid.

**A Sound That Bridges Melodic Punk and Springsteen-Inspired Rock**

If there’s one band that successfully merges the melodic punk sound with Springsteen-inspired rock, it’s The Gaslight Anthem. Their distinctive sound has earned them a fiercely loyal fanbase since their formation in 2006. Described as an intersection of Green Day, Social Distortion, and the Replacements, the band has faced an indefinite hiatus but made a comeback in 2018 to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their retro rock album, “The ’59 Sound.” However, it wasn’t until 2022 that they felt the urge to create new music and bridge the gap between their existing fanbase and a new generation of listeners.

**A Transformative Hiatus and a Friendship with the Boss**

During the band’s break, frontman Brian Fallon established a friendship with his idol, Bruce Springsteen. Seeking guidance and inspiration, Fallon reached out to Springsteen, who, coincidentally, had also taken a hiatus with the E Street Band. Their connection was fortified over a meal at Federici’s Pizza in Freehold, New Jersey, where meaningful conversations and mythical work occurred. This serendipitous encounter ultimately led to the band’s reunion and laid the foundation for their collaboration with Springsteen.

**A Duet Request Fulfilled: Writing and Recording “History Books”**

Upon their reunion, Springsteen proposed the idea of writing a duet, expressing his willingness to lend his vocals to the band’s new music. Fallon, overwhelmed by the opportunity, had never mustered the courage to ask Springsteen directly. He wrote the song, “History Books,” on his own, without any input from Springsteen. Due to touring commitments, Springsteen recorded his vocals in Dublin, Ireland during his days off, bringing an added layer of fascination and disbelief for Fallon. The collaboration allowed Fallon to realize his dream of having one of his top three heroes sing on a song he wrote in the comfort of his own home.

**An Unusual Song with a Powerful Message**

For The Gaslight Anthem, “History Books” represents a departure from their usual friendly and approachable sound. Inspired by a lesson learned in therapy, Fallon wrote a song that explores the significance of setting boundaries. He expresses the notion that only those who break boundaries have a problem with them, a concept that resonates deeply with Springsteen and his experiences with fame. This introspective and poignant track showcases The Gaslight Anthem’s growth and maturation as musicians.

**The Anticipation for “History Books”**

Fans of The Gaslight Anthem can expect their sixth full-length album, also titled “History Books,” to be released on October 27. The album, distributed by Rich Mahogany Recordings via Thirty Tigers, promises to be a testament to the band’s evolution and their ability to captivate listeners with their unique blend of melodic punk and Springsteen-infused rock.

In conclusion, The Gaslight Anthem’s collaboration with Bruce Springsteen in their upcoming album, “History Books,” solidifies their position as a band that transcends the critiques of being Springsteen copycats. This collaboration not only satisfies the fans’ anticipation but also showcases the band’s growth, musical prowess, and ability to create meaningful and resonant music.

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