The Future of L1: Part 2 Cultivating Clean Code

Welcome back everybody to another **Divi Project Blog**! This is part two of **What’s Next for the Layer One Blockchain** and it’s titled **The Blossoms of Clean Code**.

In part one, we discussed the importance of removing historical technical debt from our code base and how we are working towards providing clean code to improve stability, security, and maintainability. If you missed part one, you can check out the first video [here](

Now, in part two, we dive deeper into the benefits of having efficient and functional code. The improvements made by refactoring the core Divi blockchain code base opened up the pathway to invent staking vaults, a unique technology exclusive to Divi. These vaults solve some of the most frustrating aspects of crypto, such as centralization and third-party custody.

By separating the user’s staking funds from the node that finds consensus in the network, users can keep their funds safe in a cold wallet while a vault manager node decentralizes the network and adds weight to the consensus findings. Vaults have all the advantages of masternodes without increasing the attack surface, offering a secure and decentralized option for passive income.

But staking vaults are just the beginning. Divi’s code refactoring also paves the way for on-chain subscriptions, crypto-based recurring payments, gift cards, escrow services, encrypted transactions, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Divi’s side chains will allow users to create d-apps without affecting the performance or security of the layer one chain. This means that all those innovative ideas that people have for layer one chains can now be implemented on side chains.

In addition to side chains, Divi is also exploring the implementation of more advanced technologies like shielded on-chain NFTs, privacy features, and truly decentralized order books based on encrypted commitment schemes.

By removing older technologies like masternodes, Divi aims to create a more rock-solid, secure, and decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain. This will enable users to have full custody of their funds, empower developers to implement new and creative blockchain toolsets, and keep the chain free from censorship and other limitations.

So what does all of this mean for you? In the next article landing on **March 13th**, we will cover in detail how these advancements benefit you and the Divi community going forward. Stay tuned!

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– [Divi Project Blog: What’s Next for the L1: Part 1 Clean Code](

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What’s Next for the L1: Part 1 Clean Code

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