Cryptocurrencies show resilience in the face of Federal Reserve rate hike.

**Title: Market Movers: Cryptocurrency News and Updates (March 24, 2023)**

Welcome to Market Movers, a show dedicated to bringing you the latest news and updates in the blockchain and crypto world. In this episode, our host Joel Flynn presents the top stories shaping the digital economy. Stay tuned to learn about the recent market trends, price movements, and regulatory developments that are impacting the crypto space.

– 00:00 – Intro
– 00:15 – Prices bounce back

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**Video Transcript Highlights:**
– The US Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase influenced crypto prices, prompting a potential Bull Run.
– Bitcoin gained momentum, closing above the key level of $28,000 USD.
– Ethereum remained buoyant, staying above $1,800.
– Ripple’s XRP saw significant gains amid speculation surrounding its legal battle with the US SEC.
– Coinbase faced legal scrutiny from the SEC, causing a drop in its shares.
– SEC charged Justin Sun and other celebrities for fraud and violations related to crypto asset securities.
– Hong Kong held conferences on crypto regulations, coinciding with new rules in the region.
– NFTs showed resilience, with steady sales and marginal growth in the global multi-chain economy.
– The Arbitrim airdrop created high demand, leading to website disruptions.
– Market participants are encouraged to comment on the current market situation.

*Note: The video transcript highlights have been edited for brevity and clarity.*

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Welcome to Market Movers, March 24, 2023 presented by Joel Flynn for the latest in blockchain & crypto news. Coming up on today’s show:

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Prices bounce back

We’ll have more on those stories — and other news shaping the cryptocurrency and blockchain world — in this episode of Market Movers, March 24.

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