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**The Rise of “Stealth Wealth” Fashion: Embracing Quiet Luxury**

*Quiet Luxury: A Discreet Expression of Wealth and Style*

In an era when some self-made billionaires are increasingly flashy, there is a growing trend among the generationally wealthy to embrace a more restrained and discreet style known as “stealth wealth” or “quiet luxury.” While this concept has been around for a long time, it has gained popularity in recent years, especially among young people in the upper middle class. This article explores the concept of quiet luxury and its influence on fashion trends.

**Emulating the Rich and Famous: The Influence of Celebrities and Media**

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen, and Sofia Richie Grainge have become icons of quiet luxury, inspiring others to adopt this fashion trend. On platforms like TikTok, fashion influencers share tips on how to achieve the quiet luxury look using more affordable pieces. One popular approach is neutralizing the wardrobe’s color palette to include blacks, grays, and beiges. This allows individuals to create a sophisticated and understated style without breaking the bank.

The popular TV show “Succession” also played a significant role in popularizing quiet luxury. The main characters in the show sported staid business casual attire, featuring well-tailored but visually unremarkable knits, blazers, and slacks. Kendall Roy’s Loro Piana cashmere baseball caps, retailing for $525, became a symbol of quiet luxury and a new status marker among fans.

**Quiet Luxury Uniforms: The Role of Luxury Brands**

Italian clothing brands Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli have become synonymous with stealth wealth fashion. Their collections consist of high-quality neutral-toned knits that often carry a hefty price tag. These brands, along with Tom Ford, Zegna, Khaite, and The Row, are favored by the generationally wealthy due to their understated elegance. Notably, these brands are unbranded, lacking visible logos that only the fashion elite or wealth-obsessed would recognize. To the old wealth elites, this discretion is paramount. The world’s richest individuals focus on signaling their status to their peers rather than flaunting it to the wider public.

**Quiet Luxury: Subtle Signifiers of Wealth**

The essence of quiet luxury lies in pieces that may not appear luxurious to the naked eye. They can range from affordable items to high-end fashion that blends seamlessly into a person’s overall look. As fashion TikToker Charles Gross explains, “Only those who are wearing them and those who really scrutinize them know they’re quiet luxury or luxury at all.” This discreet approach to luxury aligns with the needs of the uber wealthy, who often fill their closets with quiet luxury because it is their norm.

**Quiet Luxury: Disguised High Quality**

In the world of quiet luxury, Loro Piana functions as the equivalent of H&M for the fictional Roy family in “Succession.” The wealthiest individuals strive to emulate the style of people in lower tax brackets, but they do so by wearing higher-quality garments made using labor-intensive techniques or rare fibers. For example, Brunello knits are crafted from ultrafine vicuña wool, sourced from llama-like animals found in the Andes. This emphasis on quality craftsmanship creates a distinct and refined aesthetic that sets the generationally wealthy apart from the rest.

**Contrasting Trends: Quiet Luxury vs. Designer Streetwear**

While quiet luxury focuses on discretion and understatement, non-stealth wealthy individuals often embrace expensive trends or designer streetwear. Monogrammed Louis Vuitton leather goods, flashy Gucci belts, and iridescent Moncler puffers are the hallmarks of this bold and attention-grabbing fashion trend. In contrast, quiet luxury enthusiasts prefer a more subtle and intentional approach, seeking to blend in while demonstrating impeccable attention to detail.

**The Influence of Quiet Luxury: A Movement Towards Normalcy**

The allure of quiet luxury has even extended to millionaires who aspire to emulate their wealthier counterparts. These individuals are now eschewing athleisure and logo-centric fashion in favor of a more intentional and detail-obsessed aesthetic. By adopting this approach, they aim to appear more normal while still exuding an air of sophistication and style.

In conclusion, the rise of quiet luxury in fashion reflects a desire among the generationally wealthy to express their wealth and taste in a discreet manner. By embracing unbranded, high-quality garments, these individuals create an understated and refined style that sets them apart. This trend has gained popularity among aspirational young people seeking to emulate the effortless elegance of the quietly wealthy.

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