Startups in the Music Industry Dominate with Innovacom’s EIC2D-Música and RuleEleven

# How Data is Redefining the Music Industry: Insights from Sergio Ramos of Rule Eleven

In this video, Sergio Ramos, co-founder of consulting firm Rule Eleven, shares his insights on how data has changed the music industry and its relationship with innovation and entrepreneurship. He discusses the importance of transparency and fairness in the industry, and how data can help achieve these goals for all stakeholders.

As experienced consultants, Rule Eleven is known for identifying opportunities and creating solutions that transform organizations. In the context of the music industry, they view themselves as agents who understand the ecosystem as a whole, and how data can be used to support a more transparent and fair industry.

Ramos highlights several trends within the industry that will impact its future, including the rise of independent creative contexts, the challenge of equitable remuneration, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the intersection of music and video games. These trends, along with the globalized nature of the music industry, will require a mass use of data to standardize information and facilitate fairer compensation structures.

At Rule Eleven, data is seen as a tool to create a more transparent and just industry. They believe that the details of data need to be made public and accessible to all stakeholders, especially artists, who can use it to make informed decisions about their careers. Ultimately, data can redefine the music industry and make it a fairer and more transparent place.

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Sergio Ramos, de Rule Eleven, nos cuenta cómo los datos han cambiado la industria de la música, y qué relación tienen con la innovación y el emprendimiento en la industria para que esta sea más transparente y justa

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