Revamped: “Floridian Professor Sets Unprecedented Record by Living Underwater for 3 Months and 9 Days”

Florida Professor Breaks Underwater Living Record

A university professor, Dr. Joseph Dituri, has set a new record for the longest time living underwater without depressurization. He spent 100 days living in Jules’ Undersea Lodge in a Key Largo lagoon, breaking the previous record of 73 days, two hours and 34 minutes. Dituri, who also goes by the name “Dr. Deep Sea,” is a medical researcher and diving explorer, as well as a retired US Navy officer.

Project Neptune 100

The project was organized by the Marine Resources Development Foundation, who plan to ask Guinness to certify Dituri’s 100-day record. The project, dubbed “Project Neptune 100,” aimed to learn more about how the human body and mind respond to extended exposure to extreme pressure and an isolated environment. The study was designed to benefit ocean researchers and astronauts on future long-term missions.

Daily Experiments and Measurements

During the three months and nine days that Dituri spent underwater, he conducted daily experiments and measurements to monitor how his body responded to the increase in pressure over time. He also met online with several thousand students from 12 countries, taught a course at the University of South Florida and welcomed over 60 visitors to the habitat. According to Dituri, the most gratifying part of the project was the interaction with almost 5,000 students who cared about preserving, protecting and rejuvenating the marine environment.

Presentation at the World Extreme Medicine Conference

Dituri plans to present his findings from Project Neptune 100 at the World Extreme Medicine Conference in Scotland, which will be held in November. While Dituri has broken the record for the longest time living underwater, he said it was never about the record. Instead, his focus was on extending human tolerance for the underwater world and for an isolated, confined, extreme environment.


The achievement of Dr. Joseph Dituri is impressive and highlights the importance of understanding how the human body and mind respond to extreme and isolated environments. With his groundbreaking work, Dituri has opened the door to further research into the impact of scuba diving, deep-sea exploration, and long-term space missions on human well-being.

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