Starbucks Refutes Accusations of Banning Pride Displays with Strong Denial

Starbucks Denies Claims of Banning Pride Displays in US Stores

Starbucks is denying the allegations made by union organizers stating that the coffee giant company is prohibiting the display of Pride-themed decorations in their US stores amid the backlash experienced by other brands, such as Target. Starbucks Workers United, a union organization for Starbucks US stores, claims that store managers nationwide have been removing or curtailing Pride displays. Interestingly, managers cited safety concerns and recent incidents at Target where angry customers reportedly tipped over merchandise and confronted workers.

Refuting the allegations, Starbucks stated that there has been no policy change on this matter, and they continue to encourage store leaders to celebrate with their communities, including U.S. Pride month in June.

Starbucks’s Long-standing Support for LGBTQ+ Employees

Over the past few decades, Starbucks has shown its unwavering support for LGBTQ+ employees. As early as 1988, it extended full health benefits to same-sex partners and included health coverage for gender reassignment surgery in 2013.

The company is currently selling Pride-themed tumblers in its stores designed by Toronto artist Tim Singleton, who is openly gay.

Union Organizers’ Claims versus Starbucks’ Denial

Union organizer Ian Miller, who is also a Starbucks supervisor in Olney, Maryland, claimed that the company has altered its tone and behavior this year. Miller cited his store manager informing him that he needed prior approval to display Pride decorations and that the company wanted more “uniformity” in its stores.

Miller’s manager allegedly cited Bud Light’s backlash when it partnered with a transgender influencer and then tried to walk back its support. This move coincided with a decline in its U.S. sales. Miller reports that the manager ultimately let an employee put up small rainbow flags in the store, but the company credit card was not used to purchase them, as had been allowed in the past.

Starbucks dismissed the allegations, and Miller’s manager declined to comment on the matter when contacted by The Associated Press.

Starbucks Supports LGBTQ+ Employees Unwaveringly

Starbucks continues to be a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ employees and communities. Starbucks’ denial of the union organizers’ claims reflects its commitment to inclusive values and its long-standing support for employee diversity.


While union organizers claim that Starbucks is suppressing the display of Pride-themed decorations in its stores, the company denied any alleged policy change. Starbucks continues to promote inclusion and diversity in its stores and unwaveringly supports its LGBTQ+ employees.

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