Soy Futures Surge to One-Month High Amid US Crop Risks; Other Grains Also Rally

**Soybean Futures Reach One-Month High Amid Concerns of Tightening US Supplies and Unfavorable Weather**
By Tom Polansek

**Soybean futures surge on supply tightening and weather concerns**
U.S. soybean futures reached a one-month high on Tuesday due to worries about tightening supplies and the potential negative impact of unfavorable weather on yields. Analysts are closely monitoring these factors that can significantly affect the soybean market.

**Wheat and corn futures also increase as Russian air strikes damage infrastructure**
The escalating tensions in the Black Sea region resulted in a boost in wheat and corn futures. Ukrainian officials reported the damaging of infrastructure at the Black Sea port of Odesa due to Russian air strikes. The previous day, Moscow quit the export deal that facilitated crop shipments from Ukraine.

**Money flowing into the market drives futures upward**
Increased monetary investments in the market have contributed to the rise in futures prices. Arlan Suderman, chief commodities economist for broker StoneX, stated that soybeans are performing impressively in the market due to tight stocks, and corn and wheat are also following suit.

**Soybean futures reach highest price in a month**
The most active soybean futures, Sv1, finished 17-1/4 cents higher at $13.95-1/4 a bushel, marking their highest price since June 16. This indicates a positive trend for soybeans in the market.

**CBOT wheat and corn futures also experience gains**
CBOT wheat (Wv1) settled up 17 cents at $6.70-3/4 per bushel, while corn (Cv1) climbed 28-1/2 cents to $5.34-1/2 a bushel, reaching its highest price since June 29. Both wheat and corn are benefiting from the bullish market sentiment.

**Farmers prioritize corn over soybeans, but large harvests are still expected**
Farmers in the United States have reduced their soybean plantings this year to allocate more acres to corn. Despite this shift, federal forecasters still anticipate significant harvests for both crops.

**Weather concerns trigger worries about soybean yields**
Traders in the soybean market remain concerned about the potential impact of warmer and drier weather on yields in late July and August. These months are critical for soybean development, and adverse weather conditions may negatively affect final crop quality.

**Uncertainty surrounds Russian grain export initiative**
The recent development of Moscow quitting the grain export initiative has raised uncertainty in the market. The United Nations stated that there are practical challenges to ship Ukrainian and Russian crops and fertilizer. CBOT corn and wheat futures initially closed lower in response to Russia’s exit from the export deal.

The soybean market is experiencing positive momentum, driven by concerns about tightening supplies and the potential negative impact of weather on yields. As a result, soybean futures have reached a one-month high. Wheat and corn futures are also performing well, influenced by the geopolitical tensions in the Black Sea region. Traders are closely monitoring these factors as they can significantly impact market dynamics in the future.

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