Since acquiring 5G four years later, has your life improved?

# **What Happened to the 5G Hype? Find Out in One Minute**

If you recall the 5G hype from several years ago, you may be wondering what has happened since then. In this quick one-minute video, tech expert Kim Commando brings you up to speed on all the latest details.

### **Impact of 5G Technology**

When 5G technology arrived four years ago, it was promoted as a life-changing innovation that would transform the way we live. We were promised blazing-fast download speeds and incredible improvements in healthcare, among other things.

### **The Reality of 5G**

Now that it’s 2023, we can see that the reality of 5G hasn’t quite lived up to the hype. While some people in big cities like Phoenix and Southern California have experienced faster network speeds, many others have not. And despite big claims from companies like Verizon about the benefits of 5G in healthcare, there has been little evidence of its effectiveness in this area.

### **The Risks of Trusting Big Tech**

Beyond the disappointing results of 5G adoption, there is a larger danger in trusting big tech companies with our data and privacy. As Kim points out, we can’t rely solely on the technology they promote or the promises they make to improve our lives.

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Recall the 5G hype? Here are the details on what’s happened since, in one minute.

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