101 Principles & a Solid Foundation for Navigating a Financial Crisis and Thriving

# Credit Suisse and Contagion: How to Navigate Financial Storms and Corrections

Are you prepared for financial crises and corrections? In this video, Chris Markowski, host of The Watchdog on Wall Street podcast, shares his insights on Credit Suisse’s recent troubles and the potential impact of contagion.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – Markowski also explains how the classic nursery rhyme, The Three Little Pigs, can teach us valuable lessons about portfolio management.

To stay ahead of the curve, it’s crucial to have high-quality companies with strong balance sheets and cash reserves in your portfolio. Markowski’s mission is to empower individual investors with honest, expert analysis that the mainstream media won’t cover.

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Remember, in financial storms and corrections, be smart – be a Watchdog on Wall Street.

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Credit Suisse and contagion.

How we navigate financial storms and corrections. What the three little pigs can teach us about portfolio management.

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*The Watchdog on Wall Street is the equalizer for the individual investor.*

It’s where listeners gain the policy information and economic analysis the mainstream media won’t cover. Host Chris Markowski is a former Wall Street investment banker who started his own firm because he believes in people over profit. He uses his Wall Street expertise to advise listeners on the meaning behind the headlines and what self-interested bankers, investment firms and politicians don’t want the public to understand.

Markowski’s mission is informing the public, so they remain on equal footing with the insiders and the elite. While hosting “The Watchdog on Wall Street,” he has forewarned listeners about the real estate crash, Enron and WorldCom. He spots where the smart money is going, and advises how to position yourself to make money without being caught in a market downdraft. He covers everything that affects your financial future, including the true state of the economy, the Fed, Wall Street, real estate and politics. He isn’t beholden to anything but the truth. He gives you honest answers that help you plan your future. No other program tells it like “The Watchdog on Wall Street.”

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