Movens Capital, led by Michal Olszewski, scouting for artificial intelligence-based startups at Wolves Summit 2020.

Are you an entrepreneur or a startup looking for tips to innovate in the digital space? Look no further than Club GLOBALS’ exclusive interview with Michal Olszewski, Partner at Movens Capital.

At Wolves Summit 2020 in Warsaw, Poland, Club GLOBALS had the opportunity to network with a select group of startups and industry leaders. During our time there, we sat down with Michal Olszewski to gather valuable insights on collaborating to innovate in the digital space.

Whether you’re a member of the global startup community or an expat with an entrepreneurial mindset, this interview is a must-watch. Join Michal Olszewski and the Club GLOBALS team as we explore the latest trends and strategies for driving innovation in today’s digital landscape.

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As Club GLOBALS, we attended Wolves Summit 2020 in Warsaw, Poland. It was an exciting opportunity for us and a selected number of other startups to network and build connections.

GLOBALS TV had interviewed Michal Olszewski who is Partner at Movens Capital and gathered small tips for you!

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