SGI Collaborates with Altair in Pursuit of Exascale Computing

**Title: Solving Exascale Challenges through Power Efficiency | SGI & Altair Partnership**

In this video, Paul Kinyon from SGI’s product management team takes us through the company’s collaboration with partners like Altair to tackle the toughest computational challenges faced by customers. SGI, a premier industry leader in the HPC (high-performance computing) market, is actively exploring various technologies to enable Exascale computing capabilities while maintaining practical levels of power consumption[^1^].

Helping clients overcome the logistical hurdles of system installation, setup, and access to cutting-edge tools, SGI allows organizations to focus on their core work of finding solutions to real-world problems[^1^].

The pursuit of Exascale computing involves more than just power efficiency, but it does play a crucial role. Looking back at the progress of supercomputing, where the sum of all top 500 systems reached a teraflop in 1997, achieving Exascale by 2019 seems plausible with sustained efforts[^2^]. However, reaching Exascale is not without challenges, one being the cost of power. With a sustained petaflop already consuming roughly 10 megawatts, the extrapolated power requirements for Exascale would be impractical in terms of both cost and infrastructure[^2^].

To address this, SGI and Altair are taking significant steps to enhance power efficiency and reduce costs. SGI has a long history of advancing power management in both hardware and software domains. On the hardware side, SGI’s high-end bladed cluster system optimizes power and cooling through consolidation, full enclosure, and closed-loop design, allowing for higher temperatures and the use of warm water cooling for secondary purposes[^3^].

Additionally, SGI and Altair are collaborating on a power management project that prioritizes power efficiency at the job scheduling level. By optimizing processes and workflows, the partnership aims to further minimize power consumption while maximizing computational performance[^4^].

Join us in this video as we uncover how SGI and Altair are revolutionizing power efficiency to pave the way for Exascale computing.

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In this video, Paul Kinyon from SGI’s product management team describes how the company is working with partners like Altair to solve customer’s toughest computational challenges. The company is looking at a range of technologies that could enbable Exascale computing capabilities at a practical level of power consumption.

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