Managing HPC Cluster Jobs Efficiently: A Guide to Altair PBS Pro Workload Manager

**Title: The Importance of Workload Management Software for HPC Clusters | HP**

In this video, HP’s Ed Turkel discusses the importance of robust workload management software for HPC clusters. Find out how HP has partnered with Altair to package PBS Professional workload management software with their systems, making it easier for customers to get up and running with their applications.

Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg.

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Hi, I’m Rich with Insight HBC, and we’re here at ISC 12 in Hamburg. I’m here with Edric from HP, and today we’re talking about workload managers. With clusters getting bigger and bigger, the importance of a reliable workload manager cannot be overstated. Let’s hear it from Ed himself.

Rich: Ed, how important is a workload manager for customers using your HP clusters?

Ed: It is absolutely critical. As our systems continue to grow in size, managing the workload in the entire environment becomes more and more complex. With different users, applications, and resource requirements, it is essential to have a comprehensive solution that can handle it all. That’s why we have built a complete solution stack, including our cluster management capabilities in partnership with leading workload resource managers like PBS Professional by Altair.

Rich: So, not all workload managers are created equal. Can you tell us what sets PBS Pro apart?

Ed: Absolutely. Different workload managers have different capabilities and target different markets. PBS Pro stands out as a professional-grade workload manager that integrates seamlessly with our own capabilities. When talking to customers, their top priorities are having a mission-critical workload manager, easy integration with their applications, flexibility in scheduling the system, and a solution that is up and running out of the box. PBS Pro checks all these boxes, making it the ideal choice for our customers.

Rich: That’s great to know. Can you talk about the integration of PBS Pro with HP clusters?

Ed: HP has a long-standing relationship with Altair, and we have worked together for many years to integrate our technologies. This history of collaboration has allowed us to seamlessly integrate PBS Pro into our clusters. Our clusters are pre-configured in the factory, and we ensure that PBS Pro is pre-integrated and ready to go when it reaches the customer. This level of integration is what sets us apart and ensures a high-quality solution for our customers.

Rich: HP is known for its leadership in the HPC market. How are you leading in terms of technology when it comes to clusters?

Ed: HP has been leading in delivering complete pre-integrated clusters since 2004, and this has played a significant role in our market share. Beyond that, we have focused on integrating new technologies into our clusters. We were one of the first to market with the integration of InfiniBand and have been aggressively incorporating accelerators like Tesla GPUs. We are also excited about Intel’s Xeon Phi coprocessor, which we have integrated into our servers. The ability to easily incorporate new technologies into our solutions allows us to stay ahead of the game in meeting the ever-increasing demand for performance in the HPC market.

Rich: Thank you, Ed, for sharing your insights. Make sure to check out PBSWorks to learn more about HPC, supercomputing, and workload management.

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In this video, HP’s Ed Turkel discusses the importance of robust workload management software for HPC clusters. The company partners with Altair to package PBS Professional workload management software with its systems so that customers can get up and running their applications easily.

Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg.

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