Cedrem, Altair Alliance Partner, Shares Insights in Exclusive Interview

# **Title: Unleashing Dynamism and Creativity with KTex and HUByx: Simulation Engineer Explains at Cedrem**

## Description:

Welcome to Cedrem’s YouTube channel, where we dive into the world of numerical simulation and cutting-edge innovations in the development of new composite materials. In this video, Edouard Ferry, a Simulation Engineer at Cedrem, sheds light on how KTex and HUByx by Cedrem are revolutionizing the field of software engineering and composite materials.

With a strong focus on high-speed phenomena like car crashes, ballistic impacts, and explosions, Cedrem’s expertise lies in simulating these complex events. By constantly comparing their results to experimental data, they ensure course representation of reality in their simulations.

Initially developed for internal use in the defense industry, KTex quickly garnered interest in simulating the intricate fibers of composites for ballistic applications. This drove Cedrem to develop KTex, an automated process within HyperMesh that allows for the creation of finite element models of complex weaves with utmost precision and ease.

Recognizing the potential benefits for other HyperMesh users, Cedrem decided to make KTex available through the esteemed Altair Partner Alliance. KTex stands out by representing composite materials at the yarn level and includes modules to simulate the molding process and fiber behavior. These modules empower engineers to study the movement, orientation angles, and inconsistencies like lack of fibers or wrinkles in the final manufactured part.

Unparalleled in its level of detail, KTex saves valuable time by automating the intricate process of modeling and simulating composite materials. When it comes to representing the human body, Cedrem has also developed HUByx, a finite element model that goes beyond the standard dummies available in the market. With HUByx, Cedrem captures the bones, internal organs, and even simulates pressure propagation within the human body. This innovation has significant implications, particularly in the defense market, as it enables the simulation of pressure waves caused by projectiles even after they are stopped by bulletproof vests.

Implementation of KTex and HUByx is remarkably straightforward. KTex offers a user-friendly graphic interface that allows users to define weave parameters easily. Cedrem has even shared tutorial videos on the Altair Partner Alliance portal to help users get started. On the other hand, HUByx, being a finite element model, requires simple importing and integration into simulations.

Cedrem’s decision to join the Altair Partner Alliance stems from their desire to share these tools with the Altair community and avoid the constraints of limited marketing resources. By collaborating with Altair, Cedrem gains access to a wide range of customers they otherwise would not reach, making this partnership incredibly valuable and beneficial for both parties.

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In this video, Edouard Ferry, Simulation Engineer at Cedrem describes how KTex and HUByx by Cedrem offers dynamism and creativity in developing new numerical tools and new composite materials that lead to a service at the cutting edge of innovation and new technologies that drive the shaping of new products.

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