Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Aims to Build a Modern-Day Black Wall Street with his Revolutionary Empower Platform: Fostering an Independent Infrastructure and Flourishing Ecosystem

**Sean “Diddy” Combs Launches Empower Global: A New Online Marketplace for Black-Owned Businesses**

In an effort to strengthen the Black dollar, music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has spearheaded a new online marketplace called Empower Global. This platform specifically features Black-owned businesses and aims to create a thriving community similar to Greenwood, the Black-owned business district in Tulsa, Oklahoma that was tragically destroyed in 1921. Combs, who has invested $20 million into the venture, is not seeking financial gain from Empower Global but rather wants to build substantial wealth within his community.

**Empower Global: A Curated Marketplace for Black-Owned Brands**

Empower Global is a curated marketplace that exclusively offers products created and sold by Black entrepreneurs. The platform showcases clothing, shoes, beauty accessories (including skincare and fragrances), and even wall art. It was designed and created by two Black-owned companies, TechSparq and ChatDesk. At launch, Empower Global featured 70 brands, with plans to introduce new Black businesses on a monthly basis. Combs hopes to showcase more than 200 brands by the end of the year.

**A Platform for Unity and Empowerment**

Combs emphasizes that Empower Global is more than just a business venture for him. He feels more excited about this platform than he did when he started his widely-popular label, Bad Boy Records. He sees Empower Global as a means to diversify and fight for inclusion. Combs wants it to be a platform that shares power and empowers others. He believes that it is essential for the Black community to circulate money within their own community, as this benefits and strengthens the community as a whole.

**Creating Opportunities and Building Dreams**

Sean “Diddy” Combs has achieved success in various fields throughout his career. He built one of hip-hop’s biggest empires, with entities such as Bad Boy Records, Sean John fashion clothing line, Revolt TV, and his own vodka brand. Combs has also produced the reality show “Making the Band” on MTV. However, he believes that his dreams encompass more than personal success. Combs aspires to be the greatest Black serial entrepreneur, and he wants to create opportunities for others.

**Black Economic Unity and Future Endeavors**

Combs, along with Tyler Perry and Byron Allen, has expressed interest in purchasing the network BET, a major platform for Black entertainment. Additionally, he is currently in a dispute with spirits giant Diageo over allegations of racism in their handling of his liquor brands. Combs is passionate about the possibility of showcasing Black economic unity and plans to continue working towards collaborating with the best brands and establishing a successful Black-owned digital mainstream, ultimately fueling their own economic system.

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