ROI secures $3.6 million funding to expand its advanced investment application

**Roi: The Investing App for Alternative Assets**

*Roi, the investing app created by Chip Davis and Sujith Vishwajith, focuses on non-traditional assets like collectible sneakers and NFTs. The app aims to cater to investors who are passionate about alternative assets and want to include them in their portfolios. Roi recently secured a $3.6 million funding round led by Spark Capital and attracted participation from well-known investors like Kevin Durant’s 35 Ventures and Google’s Gradient Ventures.*

**Catering to Modern Investors**

While traditional investment options like 401Ks, stocks, and ETFs remain popular, Davis believes that it is important to represent the modern market and cater to the needs of modern investors. Roi aims to provide a platform that includes non-traditional assets and allows users to manage their entire portfolio in one place. By focusing on alternative assets, Roi hopes to attract investors who are passionate about these unique investment opportunities.

**Securing Funding from Prominent Investors**

Roi recently announced a successful funding round, raising $3.6 million to support its growth and expansion. Spark Capital led the funding round, with participation from NBA star Kevin Durant’s venture capital firm, 35 Ventures, Google’s Gradient Ventures, and angel investor Balaji Srinivasan, among others. This funding will enable Roi to enhance its product and bring on additional team members to support its user base.

**Providing a Holistic View of Investments**

One of Roi’s key features is its ability to consolidate all of a user’s investments, both traditional and alternative, into one platform. Users can add stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, and even accounts from popular trading platforms like Robinhood, Coinbase, TD Ameritrade, and WeBull. The app provides a comprehensive overview of all holdings, allowing users to track their investments easily.

**In-Depth Insights into Crypto and NFT Holdings**

Roi sets itself apart by offering detailed information about crypto and NFT holdings. The app can gather data from various decentralized wallets to show investors their Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin holdings, along with their current values. This feature allows users to monitor their crypto investments in real-time. Additionally, Roi provides granular data for NFT holdings, giving users a complete picture of their alternative assets.

**Including Crypto and NFTs in the Investment Landscape**

Roi is passionate about embracing the inclusion of non-traditional assets in the larger investment landscape. While many traditional investment firms exclude crypto, NFTs, and other alternative assets, Roi treats them with the same level of importance as stocks and traditional investments. The app recognizes the growing interest in crypto and NFTs, especially among younger investors, and aims to provide a platform that caters to their unique investment preferences.

**Expansion Plans and Growth**

With the recent funding secured, Roi plans to expand its team and onboard professionals specializing in product development, legalities, and security. The company aims to ensure that it has the necessary resources to accommodate its growing user base and offer a seamless investing experience. As Roi continues to evolve, it intends to maintain its focus on alternative assets and provide investors with innovative tools to manage their portfolios effectively.

**In Conclusion**

Roi is an investing app created by Chip Davis and Sujith Vishwajith that caters to investors passionate about non-traditional assets like collectible sneakers and NFTs. The app consolidates all investments, both traditional and alternative, into one platform, providing a holistic view of an investor’s portfolio. Roi recently secured $3.6 million in funding, allowing for expansion and improvement of its product. With its emphasis on alternative assets and inclusion of crypto and NFTs, Roi aims to meet the needs of modern investors and provide them with innovative tools for managing their portfolios.

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