Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Sets First Commercial Space Flight for August 2023: Embark on a Spectacular Extraterrestrial Adventure!

**Virgin Galactic to Begin Monthly Commercial Flights to Space in August**

Virgin Galactic has announced that it will start monthly commercial flights to the edge of space in August. The company plans to conduct a research flight with the Italian Air Force and the National Research Center of Italy at the end of June.

**Research Flight with Specialists**

Virgin Galactic will collaborate with the Italian Air Force and the National Research Centre of Italy to conduct microgravity research during a research flight. The window for this flight will open on June 27 and last for three days, depending on the weather conditions.

**Upcoming Flights for Ticket-Holders**

Following the research flight, Virgin Galactic aims to provide space travel opportunities to those who have been waiting for over a decade. The first commercial flights are expected to take place in early August, with monthly flights scheduled thereafter.

**Driven by Innovation and Customer Experience**

CEO Michael Colglazier expressed his excitement for this new chapter in Virgin Galactic’s journey. He credited this milestone to the company’s innovation, determination, and commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

**Years of Preparation**

Virgin Galactic has been working tirelessly for years to develop spacecraft capable of carrying paying passengers on short space trips. In 2021, the company finally received approval from the federal government and conducted its final test flight in May.

**The Space Journey**

During a typical flight, Virgin Galactic’s space plane is released from a carrier aircraft after reaching an altitude of approximately 50,000 feet. The plane momentarily drops before igniting its rocket motor. Once in space, the plane shuts off, allowing passengers to experience silence, weightlessness, and a breathtaking view of Earth. The rocket ship then glides back to the runway at Spaceport America in the New Mexico desert.

**Ticket Sales and Seat Assignments**

Over the past decade, Virgin Galactic has sold approximately 800 tickets for its space flights. Initially priced at $200,000 each, tickets now cost $450,000 per person. The company has already assigned seat assignments to early ticket-holders.

**Virgin Galactic’s Milestone Test Flight**

One of the most significant test flights occurred in July 2021 when Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson outpaced fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos and his company Blue Origin in reaching space. Bezos completed his space flight nine days later. Since then, Blue Origin has undertaken several passenger trips.

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