Recall Alert: Cupkin Children’s Cups Pulled from Market Due to Elevated Lead Levels

**Recall of Thousands of Children’s Cups Due to High Lead Levels**

**Soojimus Recalls 345,000 Cups Exceeding Federal Lead Content Ban**

More than 345,000 children’s cups are being recalled due to lead levels that exceed the federal content ban, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on Thursday.

**Recalled Cups and Purchase Information**

The cups being recalled are the 8-ounce and 12-ounce models of Soojimus’ Cupkin Double-Walled Stainless Steel Children’s Cups, which were sold in various colors on Amazon and the Cupkin website from 2018 through earlier this year.

**Immediate Action Required**

If you have these recalled Cupkin cups, it is crucial to stop using them immediately and contact Soojimus to arrange a full refund. Fortunately, no illnesses or injuries related to the recall have been reported so far.

**Lead Exposure and Cupkin’s Response**

Cupkin emphasizes that the liquid in the cups that are now being recalled is not exposed to lead due to the double-walled construction. However, exposure to lead can occur if the cup bottoms are mistreated.

Cupkin initiated the voluntary recall after receiving feedback from consumers and conducting additional testing. Lead was not initially detected during the cups’ development. The brand also mentions that the cups were tested by two separate third-party labs accredited by the CPSC.

**Contacting Affected Consumers and Refund Process**

Soojimus and Amazon will be reaching out directly to all known purchasers of the recalled Cupkin cups, according to the CPSC. To receive a refund, consumers need to submit photographs of the cups showing their destruction and fill out a form on Cupkin’s website.

**Transparency and Commitment to Customers**

Max Kang, one of the co-founders of Cupkin, expressed his concern and commitment to customers in an email statement to The Associated Press. He stated that as parents, their intentions were always for the Cupkin cups to be lead-free. They were initially assured by the manufacturer that no lead was used in the cups’ glass beads for vacuum sealing. However, the manufacturer later admitted fault.

Kang emphasized that they take the issue seriously and will work to rebuild their company from this setback.

**The Danger of Lead Exposure and Children’s Health**

Health officials state that there is no safe level of lead, as it can harm brain development in young children. Children can be exposed to lead through various sources, including old paint chips, contaminated dust, and sometimes drinking water that passes through lead pipes.

It is essential to address the issue of lead exposure and take immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

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