Rare Shark Attack Forces Closure of Rockaway Beach, New York City’s Iconic Destination

**Title: Woman Critically Injured in Rare Shark Bite Incident at Rockaway Beach, New York**

**Subheading: Shark Bite Incident and Rescue**

A woman in New York City sustained critical injuries when she was bitten by a shark while swimming at Rockaway Beach, officials reported. The incident took place just before 6 p.m. on Monday. Lifeguards acted promptly and pulled the 50-year-old woman out of the water, providing immediate first aid. Eventually, she was transported to Jamaica Hospital in critical but stable condition, with severe lacerations on her left thigh, as confirmed by a police spokesperson.

**Subheading: Search Operation and Safety Measures**

As a precautionary measure, lifeguards evacuated all swimmers from the water. In an attempt to locate the shark, the police conducted an aerial search of the area using a helicopter, but no sharks were found, according to the parks department. Consequently, Rockaway Beach remained closed for swimming and surfing on Tuesday.

**Subheading: The Rarity of Shark Bites**

In the realm of marine incidents, shark bites are exceedingly rare occurrences. A report by the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File recorded only 57 unprovoked shark bites in the previous year. Thus, incidents like the one at Rockaway Beach are considered highly uncommon.

**Subheading: Rise in Shark Sightings**

Despite the rarity of shark bites, there has been an increase in shark sightings along the New York City and Long Island beaches. This rise can be attributed to multiple factors, including improved water quality and the thriving population of bunker fish that serve as a food source for sharks.

**Subheading: First Reported Shark Bite at Rockaway Beach**

Monday’s incident at Rockaway Beach marks the first reported shark bite in recent memory, according to the parks department. Although there have been at least five other instances of sharks biting swimmers and surfers at Long Island beaches this summer, no fatalities have occurred.

In conclusion, the unfortunate shark bite incident at Rockaway Beach serves as a reminder of the rare but existent threat that sharks pose to beachgoers. However, it is crucial to note that such incidents are extremely uncommon. Authorities have taken swift action by initiating search operations and implementing safety measures to protect the public. Despite this incident, visitors are advised to exercise caution and remain informed about any changes in swimming conditions. By doing so, beachgoers can continue to enjoy the beauty of New York City’s stunning coastline while taking necessary precautions.

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