What does the VC marketing strategy involve for Hetz’ Head of Content & Marketing?

# **What Does a Head of Marketing and Content Do at a VC? | Liz Cohen, Head of Content at Hetz Ventures**

Welcome to the world of VC marketing! In this insightful 3-minute video, Liz Cohen, the Head of Content at Hetz Ventures, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the strategy and responsibilities of a head of marketing and content in a venture capital firm.

**##VC Marketing Strategy for Success**
In today’s competitive VC market, Liz reveals that the focus of their marketing efforts is to grab the attention of promising founders and secure great deals. Building a reputable brand is crucial, as it helps attract the best companies and stand out from the competition.

**##The Power of Content Marketing**
Liz discusses their successful approach of leveraging content marketing to establish their brand. Coming from a background at OurCrowd, where content played a vital role, Liz has implemented a content-heavy strategy at Hetz Ventures. Going beyond traditional events, they have transformed them into engaging content pieces. To showcase the team dynamics and culture, they organized a thrilling drone challenge among their portfolio companies. Such creativity has yielded positive results, resonating well with their targeted audience.

**##Expanding Content Formats**
Looking ahead to the future, Liz shares their plans to explore new content formats. While they have been utilizing interviews and videos, they are now branching out into articles, podcasts, and other formats. Inspired by successful content machines abroad such as Openview and Bessemer, Hetz Ventures aims to provide valuable insights to the Israeli tech ecosystem.

**##Advice for Tech Marketers**
Drawing from her own experience, Liz offers advice for young marketers starting their journey in the tech industry. She encourages them to work at a startup to gain hands-on experience, embrace risks, and embrace the excitement and energy of early-stage companies. This invaluable experience will equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future success in the industry.

Join Liz Cohen and Yoel Israel, CEO of Wadi Digital & Cyfluencer, in this eye-opening discussion on VC marketing in 2023.

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What does a head of marketing and content do at a VC? What’s the strategy there, and what might it look like going forward in 2023?

Here’s a 3-minute peek at what #VC #marketing looks like for Liz Cohen, Head of Content at Hetz Ventures, presented by Yoel Israel, CEO of Wadi Digital & Cyfluencer.

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