Q&A with Sébastien Loubry from AXA Venture Partners at AVP Tech Conference

### AVP Tech Conference 2018 at Station F: Keynote Speakers and Investors
On September 27th, 2018, AXA Venture Partners (AVP) organized an exceptional one-day event, the AVP Tech Conference, at Station F. This event brought together renowned keynote speakers and top-level investors in the tech industry.

![Station F](

### Join Sébastien Loubry and Industry Experts
During this conference, Sébastien Loubry, alongside other industry experts, leads thought-provoking discussions on cutting-edge topics such as cybersecurity, technology trends, and innovation.

### Explore a Range of Topics
From the emerging forces of treiber security to the future of fiber networks, AVP Tech Conference covers a wide range of fascinating subjects.

### Insightful Discussions with Leading Companies
Expect insightful discussions with major players such as Free Company, Force One, Security Scorecard, and Navy People. Discover how these companies are leveraging technology to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

### Special Talks with Industry Leaders
Take advantage of the opportunity to hear from Yves Henckes, Chief of Staff for the French Ministry of Rebirth, and Antoine Foucher, a seasoned professional from the oil and gas industry. Gain valuable insights into their experiences and expertise.

### Networking Opportunities
The AVP Tech Conference is not just about discussions and talks. It also provides excellent networking opportunities with industry professionals, start-ups, and investors. Expand your network and build valuable connections for future collaborations.

### Stay Informed with AXAVP
Learn more about AXA Venture Partners, one of the leading venture capital firms in France, and stay up-to-date with their latest investments and initiatives. AXAVP has a strong presence in various sectors, including technology, media, and space.

For more information, visit the official [AXA Venture Partners website](

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On September 27th 2018, AVP organized a one day event (AVP Tech conference) at Station F gathering keynote speakers and investors.

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