El proceso de Alpina en tiempo real para el marketing del queso Parmesano

Welcome to *Ultravioleta*, the communication medium. Today, we are joined by a friend and colleague in the marketing industry, Carlos Leal from Alpina. Carlos, thank you for being here with us. We also have Diego with us. Carlos, could you please introduce yourself to the audience and tell us about Alpina’s brand?

Carlos Leal is a marketer with 17 years of experience working with beloved consumer brands in Colombia. He has worked with companies such as Bavaria, Coca-Cola, and Mezcla. Currently, he is the Director of Marketing for Alpina, a company known for its beautiful and beloved brands. Today, we are at a market in Usaquén, Bogotá. Carlos, how has Alpina dealt with these challenging days?

During the pandemic, Alpina, like many other brands in Colombia, faced ups and downs. Some brands experienced growth due to increased demand, while others, particularly local consumer brands, were negatively impacted. However, as markets begin to reopen, Alpina is showing positive signs of recovery. We are pleased with the progress and happy to be a part of the market’s reopening.

Now, let me invite you to Alpina’s second home, where everyone is welcome to explore and taste our brands firsthand. Located in the central plaza of Usaquén, this unique place allows you to interact with our products and experience their deliciousness. From matured cheeses to coffee, we have a wide range of offerings for you to enjoy.

Carlos, could you please explain to our audience what real-time marketing is and how it works?

Real-time marketing is all about acting and responding quickly in the moment, taking advantage of trends and conversations happening in the digital space. It involves leveraging current events and popular topics to create and grow our brands. It allows us to tap into ongoing conversations and use them to our advantage.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding some eggs that appeared in public spaces. People were speculating about their purpose, and then a brand intervened with a unique product to enhance these eggs. Carlos, could you share with us the story behind this real-time marketing example?

Indeed, a beloved brand of Parmesan cheese, one of Alpina’s finest brands, noticed that these eggs were missing something. They realized that adding their Parmesan cheese to the eggs would elevate their flavor. This sparked the idea for a quick and impactful real-time marketing campaign. We gathered our creative and marketing teams together to capitalize on this opportunity. The result was a beautiful alliance between Alpina, revisa, juegos santa reyes, Parmesan cheese, and KitchenAid. We hosted an event where we prepared delicious recipes using their products. It was a wonderful collaboration that showcased the power of real-time marketing.

This collaboration also allowed us to further explore our brand, “Cocinamos Juntos,” a platform that unites various culinary brands of Alpina, including Parmesan cheese, fresh cheeses, and butter. We aim to continue expanding and leveraging this platform to enhance our brands and provide a unique culinary experience.

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Hace un par de días en las redes sociales aparecieron las fotos de unos huevos en algunas partes del país, como es costumbre, se especuló de todo en las redes sociales, convirtiéndose en algo que llamó la atención de los profesionales del sector.

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