Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Success Faces Uncertainty

**The Sussexes’ Hollywood Dream: A Roller Coaster Journey**
**The Rise to Stardom**
The future seemed promising for the couple as they embarked on their new life in California. Their Hollywood appeal landed them lucrative deals with streaming giants Netflix and Spotify, along with voiceover deals, awards, and primetime interviews.
Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” shattered sales records upon release, while their Netflix documentary, “Harry & Meghan,” became the platform’s most-watched documentary debut in 2022. Meghan’s Archetypes podcast, produced under their company Archewell’s Spotify partnership, gained instant popularity with an interview featuring tennis legend Serena Williams.
**A Brief Fall**
Recently, however, the Sussexes have faced a decline in their Hollywood success. The Spotify podcast deal came to an end, resulting in the cancellation of the Archetypes podcast. Despite its early success, the series failed to meet targets and even faced rejection from pop superstar Taylor Swift.
Spotify executive Bill Simmons openly criticized the couple, referring to them as “grifters” and expressing his disappointment with Prince Harry. Other industry insiders, like United Talent Agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer, questioned Meghan’s audio talent and the couple’s overall suitability for media production.
**Struggles with Media Production**
Prince Harry pitched several podcast ideas during his partnership with Spotify, including one exploring childhood trauma’s impact on powerful men. However, none of these ideas materialized, leading to criticism and allegations that the couple was in over their heads. They also experienced difficulties conceptualizing ideas for a podcast series, failing to meet the terms of their Spotify deal.
Similarly, their $100 million Netflix deal faced cancellations and rejections, with few produced shows. The animated children’s series “Pearl” was canceled, and their second project, “Live to Lead,” failed to gain significant traction on the platform. Netflix executives expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of productivity from Archewell and questioned the value of their costly partnership.
**Uphill Battle in Hollywood**
Industry insiders suggest that the Sussexes’ inexperience as producers, difficulties finding material that aligns with their brand, and the changing media landscape after the pandemic have hampered their success. Their company lacks direction, often leading to subpar execution despite big ideas.
The uncertainty surrounding their future in Hollywood could be detrimental to their image. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams warns that losing the Netflix contract could be very damaging for the couple, who may struggle to find success without their rebellious narrative against the Royal Family.
**Looking Ahead**
While there are reports of potential setbacks and a less friendly attitude from industry insiders, a Netflix spokesperson maintains that their relationship with Harry and Meghan remains strong. They cite the success of “Harry & Meghan” and the upcoming documentary series “Heart of Invictus” as evidence of their ongoing collaboration.
However, experts caution that the Sussexes must deliver substance and prove their worth to sustain their Hollywood career. Without a clear direction and the novelty of their attacks against the Royal Family wearing off, their future success in the industry remains uncertain.

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