“Preserve your Personal Brand’s Relevance,” Advises Former PR Executive of DKNY”

**The Importance of Personal Branding in the Age of A.I.**

**Dusting off your personal brand 101**

**You can’t afford to let your personal brand collect dust**

As generative A.I. continues to advance, many human workers are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of their careers. Aliza Licht, a PR and marketing expert with over 25 years of experience, believes that developing a strong personal brand is essential for staying competitive in today’s economy.

The Power of Personal Branding

Licht, known for her work as the anonymous voice behind “DKNY PR Girl,” emphasizes the importance of personal branding in the age of A.I. According to her, having a personal brand is no longer a choice; it’s a requirement for professionals who want to thrive in their careers. Personal branding is about proving your value and aligning self-reflection with public perception.

The Value of a Well-Maintained Personal Brand

Licht’s own experience demonstrates the value of a well-maintained personal brand. After revealing her identity as DKNY PR Girl, she cultivated a successful career leveraging her personal brand. Today, she runs a multimedia brand and consultancy called “Leave Your Mark” and has worked with various well-known brands. Licht’s book, “Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media,” provides career advice based on her personal branding strategies.

The Threat of A.I. on Employment

The rapid advancement of A.I. technology has led to concerns about job security. Despite assurances from CEOs that A.I. will primarily automate repetitive tasks, reports show that A.I. has already resulted in the elimination of thousands of tech jobs. While white-collar jobs are not expected to disappear entirely, many will significantly diminish in number. This uncertain job market makes personal branding even more crucial for professionals.

Dusting off Your Personal Brand 101

Building a personal brand has become essential for career advancement, but some individuals are skeptical about the concept. Critics argue that personal branding can be self-involved and lead to an “always on” lifestyle. However, Licht argues that a strong personal brand is not about becoming famous, but about aligning self-reflection with public perception and ensuring that you receive recognition for your skills and expertise.

Honing a Strong Personal Brand

Licht emphasizes that everyone already has some version of a personal brand, which is essentially their reputation. The key is to hone a strong personal brand that accurately represents who you are and what you excel at. A strong personal brand can lead to your name being recognized and respected in rooms you’re not present in. It is crucial to cultivate and maintain your personal brand over time.

The Dangers of Letting Your Personal Brand Collect Dust

Licht warns against letting your personal brand become stagnant. For professionals who have been in one role for an extended period, it is essential to conduct a self-assessment of their personal brand. Many people become comfortable in their job and start coasting, neglecting their personal brand in the process. In the age of A.I., this can be dangerous, as it may lead to being overlooked or replaced by automation.

Polishing Your Personal Brand

To polish your personal brand, Licht suggests questioning whether you are being innovative and proactive in your role. With the rise of groundbreaking A.I. technologies, human ingenuity and innovation are crucial for remaining relevant in today’s rapidly evolving economy. Professionals should regularly ask themselves if they are learning new things, bringing new ideas to their company, and volunteering for new projects and responsibilities.

The Importance of a Strong Work Product

Licht emphasizes that a successful personal brand relies on a strong work product. Your reputation will suffer without a track record of success. Professionals who have become comfortable in their roles should ask themselves if they are continuously learning and contributing to their organization. A successful personal brand requires the support of a strong track record.

In conclusion, personal branding is no longer optional in the age of A.I. Developing and maintaining a strong personal brand is essential for professionals who want to navigate the changing job market and have a positive impact on their careers. By continuously innovating and maintaining a strong work product, individuals can ensure that their personal brand remains relevant and influential.

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