Police Arrest Serial Killer at Gilgo Beach in Long Island

**Long Island Architect Arrested for Murder in Gilgo Beach Killings**

A Long Island architect has been charged with murder in connection with the Gilgo Beach murders, a long-unsolved string of killings. The architect, Rex Heuermann, has been charged with the murder of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello, and is also considered the prime suspect in the death of a fourth woman. Detectives pursuing a new lead matched DNA from a pizza he ate to genetic material found on the women’s remains.

**Investigation and Arrest**

The renewed investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders led to the identification of Rex Heuermann as a suspect in March 2022. This identification was based on a witness report of a pickup truck seen when one of the victims disappeared in 2010. Detectives tailing Heuermann later recovered his DNA from a discarded pizza crust, which matched a hair found on a restraint used in the killings. Heuermann was arrested late Thursday and his lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

**The Gilgo Beach Killings and Investigation**

The Gilgo Beach murders occurred between 2010 and 2011 and remained unsolved for many years. The victims were primarily young women who were sex workers. The mysterious nature of the case led to immense public attention and even inspired a 2020 Netflix film titled “Lost Girls.” Despite several changes in police leadership and the efforts of seasoned homicide detectives, it seemed unlikely that one person was responsible for all 11 killings.

**The Demon Among Us**

Suffolk County police Commissioner Rodney Harrison referred to Rex Heuermann as a “demon that walks among us” during a press conference. He hailed the efforts of the task force and emphasized that Heuermann’s arrest would bring much-needed peace to the community and the victims’ families. Concerns about Heuermann fleeing and the danger he posed to the community prompted authorities to charge him with three of the killings, with plans to work towards charging him in the death of a fourth victim.

**Evidence and Disturbing Behaviors**

Investigators were able to link Rex Heuermann to the Gilgo Beach murders through various pieces of evidence, including the pickup truck and burner cellphones used to arrange meetings with the victims. Additionally, a person claiming to be the killer made taunting calls to one of the victim’s relatives using her cellphone. In recent months, Heuermann remained fixated on the case, frequently searching the internet for information about the murders and engaging with related podcasts and documentaries.

**Relief and Shock**

The arrest of Rex Heuermann came as a shock to some of the victims’ relatives but also brought relief. Amy Brotz, Melissa Barthelemy’s cousin, expressed her surprise but also acknowledged that she never thought they would find the perpetrator. The arrest has given hope to the families who have long awaited justice for their loved ones.

**The Home and Background of Rex Heuermann**

Investigators converged on Heuermann’s home, a small red house located east of New York City. Neighbors described the property as dilapidated, contrasting with the surrounding single-family homes and well-kept lawns. Heuermann, a licensed architect, has lived in the house since childhood. He is married with a daughter and a stepson and works for a Manhattan-based firm that specializes in store buildouts and renovations.

**Ongoing Investigation and Future Charges**

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney revealed that investigators are continuing their work to charge Heuermann in the death of a fourth victim, Maureen Brainard-Barnes. Heuermann’s arrest was prompted by concerns about him fleeing and the potential danger he posed to the community. Tierney disclosed that Heuermann continued to use burner phones, patronize sex workers, and search for disturbing materials on the internet. He also possesses permits for 92 guns.


The arrest of Rex Heuermann brings new hope to the community and the families of the victims in the Gilgo Beach murders. The renewed investigation, aided by DNA evidence, has linked Heuermann to the killings of three women and implicates him in the death of a fourth victim. As the legal proceedings continue, the community and the families await justice for the lives lost.

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