PlayStation’s Access Controller Kit Set to Launch on December 6th: Elevate Your Gaming Experience with High-End Customization

**PlayStation to Launch Access Customizable Controller Kit on December 6**

PlayStation has announced the launch date for its Access customizable controller kit. The controller is set to be released on December 6, with pre-orders opening on July 21. Priced at $89.99, the kit includes the controller base, 19 button caps, 3 caps for the stick half of the controller, 23 button cap tags, and 4 expansion ports for additional accessories.

**The Accessibility Solution from PlayStation**

The Access customizable controller kit, formerly known as “Project Leonardo,” is PlayStation’s answer to the need for accessibility in gaming. Designed to cater to users who are not comfortable with the traditional form factor of the DualSense controller, the Access allows for customization with up to 30 profiles. Users can save three profiles at any given time. Additionally, the Access controller can be paired with a DualSense controller for enhanced control.

**Affordability and Market Competition**

Accessibility controllers can often come with a high price tag. Sony aims to make the Access kit more affordable with its $90 suggested retail price. Competing products in the market, such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Hori Flex Assistive Controller for the Nintendo Switch, can cost significantly more. For example, the Flex Controller is priced at $250 through AbleGamers. By offering the Access at a comparatively lower price point, Sony hopes to make gaming more accessible to a wider audience.

**Sony’s Commitment to Accessibility**

Sony has been actively working to improve accessibility in gaming. In addition to the Access customizable controller, the company recently introduced accessibility-related tags for the PlayStation Store. These tags help users easily identify games that offer specific accessibility features and options. By implementing these tags, Sony aims to create a more inclusive gaming experience for all players.

According to Isabelle Tomatis, Sony’s VP of brand peripherals and hardware, the development of the Access controller has been possible thanks to collaborations with various organizations, accessibility experts, and PlayStation Studios teams. Tomatis expressed the company’s gratitude towards players who share their passion for games and their dedication to making gaming accessible to everyone.

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