Nicholson: Discovering Jérémie Bordier and Otium Capital

## 🎥 **Jérémie Bordier, Venture Partner at Otium Capital, Recommends Nicholson Search & Selection for Recruitment Challenges in VC Portfolio Companies** 🎯

Are you facing recruitment challenges in your portfolio companies? Looking for the best solution to accelerate growth? Look no further!

In this testimonial video, Jérémie Bordier, Venture Partner at Otium Capital, shares his valuable experience with Nicholson Search & Selection. As a prominent venture capital firm, Otium Capital has invested millions of euros per year in both start-ups and mature businesses. And one of the keys to their success is finding and hiring the right talents.

Jérémie highlights why they highly recommend working with Nicholson Search & Selection for recruitment needs. For almost two decades, Nicholson has consistently provided them with relevant and qualified candidates. With their deep understanding of not only the French market but also the European market, Nicholson excels in matching the right candidates with the right companies. They have a wealth of knowledge about salary levels and practices in different European countries, ensuring a seamless recruiting process.

Julien, their dedicated consultant, goes above and beyond to deeply understand the client’s needs. Whether it’s a technical or commercial profile, Jérémie praises Julien’s availability and commitment to finding the perfect fit. He recounts how Nicholson played a vital role in the success of Exalead, a notable French success story, where they helped recruit 30% of their R&D team.

With Nicholson Search & Selection, you not only get a recruitment partner who listens to your needs and values your feedback but also a seamless and productive business relationship. Their track record speaks for itself, providing unmatched results for venture capital firms like Otium Capital.

💼 **Discover why Nicholson Search & Selection is the go-to recruitment partner for venture capital firms:** [Watch the Full Video Here](

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*This video testimonial highlights the exceptional recruitment services provided by Nicholson Search & Selection. For more information about Otium Capital, a notable venture capital firm, visit their official website: [Otium Capital](*

Jérémie Bordier, Venture Partner at Otium Capital, shares his experience with Nicholson: the recruitment challenges of his portfolio companies, the way he interacts with us, Nicholson’s differentiators… Discover why he recommends Nicholson Search & Selection to the companies Otium Capital invests in.

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