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**The Man Who Coined the Term “Millennial,” and His Predictions for the Future**


Generational researcher Neil Howe, known for coining the term “millennial” in 1991, has made bold predictions about the cycles of history and the future of the United States. His book, “The Fourth Turning,” written with William Strauss in 1997, foretold a crisis era from 2005 to 2020. Although initially criticized, Howe’s theories have gained traction in recent years. In this article, we will explore his predictions and how they align with current events.

**The Fourth Turning and the Crisis Era**

Howe’s book, “The Fourth Turning,” introduced the concept that each generation has a specific role to play in the “secular cycles” of history. He predicted that a crisis era would engulf the United States from 2005 to 2020. Despite being labeled as “pseudoscience,” Howe’s theories have found acceptance among influential figures such as Steve Bannon and investment strategist Kiril Sokoloff.

**A Catalyst Event and the Great Devaluation**

Around a decade ago, Howe realized that he needed to write a sequel to his book, as his predictions called for a “catalyst” event in 2005 that would trigger a “crisis era.” This period would lead to a “great devaluation,” characterized by severe distress and hardship. Howe believes that this era peaked in the 2020s, with elder leaders facing off against the millennial and Gen Z cohorts, while Gen X midlifers navigate between them.

**The Millennial Generation and Taylor Swift**

Howe’s theory designates millennials as the “hero” generation, destined to confront the baby boomers in a struggle over the country’s future. He portrays millennials as hardworking individuals who trust in meritocracy. Despite their efforts, economic reality has left them skeptical of capitalism. Howe cites Taylor Swift as an iconic representation of the millennial generation. Her perfectly arranged and staged public persona represents a desire to control her own destiny in a chaotic marketplace.

**Gen X Leaders and Thinking Outside the Box**

According to Howe, Gen X, the jaded and cynical generation that raised Gen Z, will emerge as crucial leaders in the crisis era. Recent data supports this claim, as Gen Xers now occupy top positions in corporate America. Howe describes them as resourceful and pragmatic individuals who are willing to think outside the box. Growing up in the 1970s and facing a challenging labor market, Gen Xers welcomed a less regulated economy and embraced risk-taking. Their entrepreneurial spirit has been evident in Silicon Valley and has contributed to the success of U.S. corporations.

**A Regime Change in Financial Markets**

Howe’s predictions also align with recent developments in financial markets. Central banks worldwide have raised interest rates aggressively, combatting the largest inflation surge since the early 1980s. This marked shift signifies a departure from the “era of easy money” that began after the Great Financial Crisis. Additionally, the Biden administration’s adoption of “Bidenomics” and its focus on industrial policy suggest a departure from Reaganomics and a change in the world of capitalism.


Neil Howe’s predictions and theories have gained significant attention in recent years. Despite initial skepticism, his ideas about generational cycles and the role of different cohorts in shaping history have found resonance. As we navigate the crisis era predicted by Howe, it is essential to consider the generational dynamics at play and their potential impact on the future of the United States and the world.

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