Moto Razr+: A Comprehensive Review Introducing Genuine Competition for Samsung’s Flip Foldables

**Motorola Moto Razr+ Review: A Foldable Phone with Impressive Features**

Motorola’s Moto Razr+ seems to have learned from the reviews of Samsung’s Z Flip series. This foldable phone offers a large 3.6-inch screen when closed, addressing one of the most common complaints about the Galaxy Z Flip 4 – the size of its Cover Display. The Moto Razr+ runs full Android with some tweaks and provides a nostalgic pager-like experience. Priced at $999, this phone appeals to both old souls and early adopters.

**Design: A Fourth-Gen Device**

The Moto Razr+ is now in its fourth generation. It has two notable differences from its predecessors. Firstly, its screen is larger, and secondly, the iconic original Razr’s chin is absent. However, some users might miss the nostalgia associated with the chin.

**Pros and Cons**

1. Useful and roomy external display.
2. Folds to become compact.
3. Can act as a tripod for photos and videos.

1. Cameras cannot compare to flagship phones.
2. Durability and security concerns in the long term.
3. No gap between the two halves of the main screen when folded.

**Design and Construction**

The folded Moto Razr+ is thinner than the Galaxy Z Flip 4, fitting comfortably in the palm. When open, it’s slightly larger than the Samsung phone. The Razr+’s hinge is slightly less rigid, allowing it to open all the way when pushed past 150 degrees. With a weight of 188.5 grams, it is lighter than the iPhone 14 Plus and the Galaxy S23 Plus, making it a reasonable choice for those seeking a larger screen.

**Water-Resistance and External Display**

Both the Moto Razr+ and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are rated for water-resistance. The Razr+ meets IP52 standards, while the Flip 4 meets IPX8. The Razr+’s larger pOLED panel offers a more full-fledged Android experience in comparison to Samsung’s glorified notification widget.

**Improved External Display on Moto Razr+**

Using the Z Flip 4’s Cover Display feels unusable compared to the Moto Razr+. The space is limited, making it challenging to frame a selfie. The Razr+’s larger external display allows for a more full-fledged Android experience, including swiping down for quick settings toggles and brightness control, swiping up for open apps, and swiping in from the side to go back. The Moto Razr+ features a clock widget, date, weather info, and six shortcut buttons on the home screen. The widgets are similar to Samsung’s offerings but with more real estate and a larger font.

**Running Android Apps on the External Screen**

One of the standout features of the Moto Razr+ is the ability to run any Android app on the external screen. This continuity feature allows users to keep running their activities on the main display even after closing the phone. While some apps may have compatibility issues due to the cameras at the bottom right of the screen, Motorola has workarounds. Users can choose to have apps take up the entire screen, with the sensors blocking parts of the content, or select a layout that accommodates the cameras, similar to how older Android phones handled camera notches.

**Camera Features and Benefits**

The larger external screen on the Razr+ makes it an excellent viewfinder for the rear cameras. Users can preview what they’re shooting and show their subjects their appearance. Comparatively, the Z Flip 4’s viewfinder only shows a portion of the scene, leading to guesswork. Both phones offer similar gestures, such as holding up the palm to trigger a countdown for the photo. Users can also bend the foldables at 90 degrees and place them on a surface with the inside screen facing out. In this layout, the top half acts as the viewfinder, while the bottom shows controls.


The Moto Razr+ addresses the limitations of the Z Flip 4 and offers an improved external display experience. Its larger screen, full Android experience, and the ability to run any app on the external display make it a tempting choice. While the camera may not compare to flagship phones, the nostalgic feel, along with useful features like a roomy external display and compact folding, make the Moto Razr+ a worthwhile investment.

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