Increasing Appeal to Younger Generation: The Need for Innovation in the Meat Pie Industry

## 🥧 Exploring the Future of Meat Pies: Innovating to Attract the Next Generation

Join us as we sit down with Jackson Garlick, General Manager of Garlo’s Pies, to discuss the evolving landscape of the meat pie industry. In this interview, Jackson highlights the need for innovation to captivate the interest of younger consumers and ensure the longevity of the category[^1^].

As we dive into the conversation, we explore the intriguing data that has come to light about the surge in meat pie sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is evident that the pandemic played a significant role in the uptick, there is also a year-on-year growth trend, indicating a generational shift in eating habits[^2^].

With a plethora of convenient food options at our fingertips today, such as papadums and sushi delivered right to our doors, traditional meat pies face stiff competition. To win over the younger generation, Garlo’s Pies has taken innovation to the next level. Introducing tantalizing flavors like Alaskan king crab, Peking duck, and chili prawn pies, accompanied by sustainable packaging to engage eco-conscious consumers[^3^].

However, this shift towards variety has raised some interesting questions. Are traditional plain pies at risk of fading into obscurity? It seems many share this concern as plain pie enthusiasts find it increasingly challenging to satisfy their cravings amidst a sea of flavors. Jackson reassures us that the love for the classics remains strong, and even shares an amusing anecdote about a recent flavor combination that surprised everyone[^4^].

While the sales figures of the COVID years may no longer be achievable, Garlo’s Pies remains optimistic about the future. As more industries, like airlines, bounce back, and with their international presence expanding, there are exciting opportunities on the horizon[^5^].

So, whether you’re a die-hard pie aficionado or simply looking to delve into the fascinating world of meat pies, join us for this enlightening discussion with Jackson Garlick, an insight into the flavors, trends, and future of the beloved meat pie.

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Garlo’s Pies General Manager Jackson Garlick says the meat pie industry needs to “innovate” to attract the younger generation.

“We also need to innovate with our packaging, we have a lot more younger consumers interested in sustainability, we need to innovate to ensure we that keep attracting them back to the category,” Mr Garlick told Sky News Australia.

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  1. The meat pie is ultimately the biggest bogan food around and since things like the afl has been totally pusified and we no longer have ford or holden its no surprised our celery obsessed twinky little off spring dont give two shits about a lousy meat pie.

  2. Stop filling them with crap. I used to work in a shop that supplied so called mince to a certain pie franchise. When I threw an empty coffee cup in a tub of what I thought was crap my boss said don't do that it's for the pie man.

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