Meeting with Jean de la Rochebrochard: Insights from a Partner Managing at Kima Ventures

****Title: The After Produit – The First Live Show Dedicated to Product Management****


Join Marcel Venturino, Product Director at Wivoo, as he hosts The After Produit, the premier live show dedicated to the world of product management. In each episode, Marcel and Louis highlight a key figure in the product industry and discuss various topics and segments.

To close Season 1 with a bang, The After Produit conducted over 8 hours of live content on, featuring 20 exceptional guests.

In partnership with Le Ticket and The Product Tape, this live show is brought to you by Wivoo.

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*Transcript provided by YouTube:*

Hello everyone, welcome back to The After Produit. Today, I have the honor of hosting Jean. Jean, would you like to introduce yourself?

I manage startup investments for Xavier Niel, the founder of Free.
Well, welcome to this amazing set we have today. We’re going to talk a bit about you and I think it’s one of the most anticipated segments of The After Product. Thanks for being here, and don’t worry, there’s no pressure. Just before, we had the best talk show in the world, so no pressure at all.
I think you came from Aix, I heard you had a few little mishaps on the train.
Well, we hit an animal on the way here, so I was able to catch up on my emails for an hour. Everything is fine. A small espresso also helped. It feels good.
Can you tell us about yourself in a few words, as not everyone may know you? We are in a product-oriented sector, more often focused on entrepreneurs who kill it. What do you do Jean?

For the past six years, I have been working with Xavier Niel and a team of two others. We manage Kima Ventures, which is his investment fund for startups. We invest in new startups every week, with ticket sizes ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 euros. We invest once in these startups, mainly focusing on French-speaking entrepreneurs around the world. Currently, we have a portfolio of 950 startups, which is huge. In the last year, 100% of our startups have succeeded, and we are incredibly proud of that.
It seems that there is a boom in funding rounds lately. What are your thoughts on this? Is it a seasonal thing, or is it happening all year round?

It feels like every quarter sets a new record compared to the previous one. Excuse the bad joke, but it seems like there is no specific season for funding anymore. It is not just limited to traditional retail sectors. There is a lot of capital available globally, and it needs to be put to work. The digital sphere is horizontal and goes across the entire value chain of companies. There is still a lot to be done in this field, as digital is just 20 years old. We believe this trend will continue for the next two to three years, but we may reach a point where the amount of capital invested annually will plateau, and we’ll see corrections in the market. Currently, there is an excess of cash compared to companies in need of funding, which results in potential high-potential startups raising more money than they would have two years ago. These “unicorns” are making waves and even impressing the Americans. It has become a regular occurrence for us to see two or three new unicorns per week.

Can you explain what your role consists of? It seems quite mystical, as you seem to do a bit of everything. We talked about you going through your emails earlier, so what do you actually do?

First of all, let me be clear that I am not that useful. (laughs) I often say that I have a cool job because I get to exchange ideas with entrepreneurs who want to change the world. It’s an easy job since I am not the one doing the actual work. Entrepreneurs bear the burden and take risks, while we have a business model that works well. Even if half of the entrepreneurs fail, the potential to earn a hundred times the investment outweighs the risk. So, on paper, it sounds great. There are two main aspects to my role – selection and support. I become like a bookmaker at a racetrack, selecting and investing in good entrepreneurs and startups. When Kima Ventures was created, and even to this day, we saw 100% of the deals happening in France. So, the challenge was not finding deals, but rather identifying the best ones.

Animé par Marcel Venturino (Directeur Produit @Wivoo / Animateur de l’After Produit)


L’After Produit est la première émission live dédiée au produit.
Drivée par Marcel et Louis, elle met en avant chaque mois un acteur du monde du Produit et est articulée autour de plusieurs rubriques.
Pour clore la saison 1, le 7 juillet dernier, l’After Produit a réalisé plus de 8h de live sur, avec pas moins de 20 guests d’exception.


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