Media: Da Vinci Capital Fund Takes Telegram to Court

## Спустя несколько месяцев после досудебного уведомления, фонд готов подать иск.
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### Introduction
Welcome to our channel! In this video, we will discuss the latest developments regarding the legal dispute between the investment fund DaVinci Capital and the messaging platform Telegram.

### DaVinci Capital’s Lawsuit Against Telegram
After several months of pre-trial notification, DaVinci Capital is ready to file a lawsuit against Telegram. Oleg Zhelezka, the managing partner of the investment fund, revealed to RBK that the arbitration process against the messenger will take place in the jurisdiction of London[^1^]. The main reason for this legal action is the incomplete and incorrect form of the proposal for the return of invested funds in Cologne. According to Zhelezka, many fund investors received the message just one day before the deadline, leaving them little time to analyze and evaluate the received offers[^2^].

### Choice Offered to Investors
Before closing the project, investors were given two options: either retrieve 72% of their investments immediately or wait for another year to receive 110%. Unfortunately, American depositors were not offered a choice and were promised a return of 72% of their investments in the near future[^2^].

### Conflicting Notifications and the Launch of the Project
Another area of contention is related to conflicting notifications regarding the project’s launch. Following the legal proceedings initiated by the American SEC against Telegram and their crypto project TON, there were several challenging communication moments that made it difficult for investors to make the right decision. Reversing their decision to withdraw the funds or converting them into credits was a tough choice for the investors[^2^].

### DaVinci Capital’s Warning and Previous Financing
DaVinci Capital had previously warned Telegram about their intention to litigate. They gave the messenger two weeks to pay the required sum, without resorting to legal action. The requested compensation amount was $20 million. Additionally, in March, Telegram raised $1 billion through Eurobonds and $750 million in May, possibly to repay debts to investors. These issuances also provided an option to convert them into Singularity shares in the event of an IPO[^3^][^4^].

### Conclusion
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Спустя несколько месяцев после досудебного уведомления, фонд готов подать иск.
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