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Welcome to Start-Up Insider Daily! In today’s episode, we discuss a range of topics, including Amazon’s significant increase in revenue but decrease in profit, Vorwerk Ventures launching a new fund, Gorillas on the verge of closing a 250 million dollar funding round, BMW heiress looking to expand with a start-up hub, and much more!


0:00 – Introduction and overview of today’s topics
0:25 – Amazon’s revenue growth and profit decline
1:15 – Vorwerk Ventures announces new fund for European start-ups
2:00 – Gorillas nearing the completion of a 250 million dollar funding round
2:45 – BMW heiress’s plan to expand with a start-up hub
3:30 – Upcoming segments and interviews on today’s show

### Investment and Exits – Stefan Giacomo of TS Ventures

In our morning edition, we dive into the world of investments and exits. Today, we have a special guest, Stefan Giacomo, Investment Partner at TS Ventures. Join us as we discuss Lebron James leading a 30 million euro funding round for German bike manufacturer Canyon, Frontex raising 40 million US dollars in a Series B funding round, and Greentrap securing 24 million dollars to combat plastic waste. Tune in at 10:00 AM for all the details!

### Interview with Enrico Ohne Müller – Co-founder of Bunch

At 1:00 PM, we have a special interview with Enrico Ohne Müller, Co-founder of Bunch. Bunch is a Berlin-based platform for angel investors to collaborate on shared deals. The company recently closed a funding round of 73 million euros. Don’t miss out on this insightful interview!

### Interview with Franz Salzmann C. and Frauen Dämon Helu

In our last segment of the day, we have an interview with Franz Salzmann C. and Frauen Dämon Helu, Co-founders of the Vienna-based start-up, Next Level Finanz Reports. They have recently completed a 10 million dollar Series C funding round. Tune in at 4:00 PM for more information on their exciting journey!

### Additional Information and Updates

We have some important updates for you! Susanne Klatten, the richest woman in Germany, is planning to expand her start-up hub and entrepreneurship in Europe, in order to compete with the US and China and preserve our European culture and identity. Gorillas, the rapid delivery service, is reportedly on the verge of closing a 250 million dollar funding round, while Vorwerk Ventures, derived from the vacuum cleaner and Thermomix producer Vorwerk, has launched a new fund with 150 million euros for investments in European start-ups.

On the financial front, Amazon has reported a significant increase in revenue in the second quarter, but a decreased profit compared to last year. Apple, on the other hand, has showcased strong quarterly results with a focus on iPhone sales. However, they anticipate challenges due to the strong US currency and rising interest rates.

Google has announced stricter rules for in-app advertising, aiming to eliminate unexpected full-screen ads and closing the gaps in the existing regulations. Furthermore, North Korean crypto hackers belonging to the Lazarus Group are estimated to have stolen around one billion dollars this year through attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Lastly, the growth of Telegram has surpassed that of TikTok, with a growth rate of 6.2% compared to TikTok’s growth rate of 5.3%.

Stay tuned for more news and updates throughout the day here on Start-Up Insider Daily!


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Heute u. A. mit diesen Themen:

– BMW-Erbin will mit Startup-Hub expandieren
– Gorillas kurz vor Abschluss einer 250 Millionen-Runde?
– Vorwerk Ventures mit neuem Fonds
– Amazon mit deutlichem Umsatzplus, aber weniger Gewinn
– Apple mit starken Quartalszahlen und gedämpfter Aussicht
– Google verschärft Regeln für In-App-Werbung
– Telegram wächst schneller als TikTok
– SpaceX plant Satelliteninternet für Smartphones

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