McDonald’s Introduces Exclusive $200 Wedding Package in Jakarta – Catering to Discriminating Tastes

**McDonald’s Indonesia Offers “Wedding Mekdi” Package in Jakarta**

McDonald’s Indonesia has introduced a unique wedding catering package called “Wedding Mekdi” for couples tying the knot in Jakarta. This package, priced at approximately $230, offers a variety of catering options, including 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 servings of four chicken McNuggets. With an average cost of just over $2 per attendee for a wedding with 100 guests, the package is significantly cheaper compared to the average cost of wedding catering in America.

Representatives from McDonald’s Indonesia have not commented on the package yet. However, Rizki Haryadi, a spokesperson for the company, has confirmed that the package does not include exchanging vows in one of their restaurants. He emphasized that the wedding package solely focuses on providing food options for the celebration. Haryadi also mentioned that a minimum purchase of 200 products is required for availing the package.

**McWedding Packages: A Popular Trend**

McDonald’s has been offering wedding ceremonies and parties in Hong Kong for quite some time. These popular “McWedding packages,” costing around $380, can be customized to include Chinese or Western decorations, balloons, and even an Apple Pie display in place of a traditional wedding cake.

The fast food industry has seen other major players enter the wedding scene as well. Taco Bell’s flagship store in Las Vegas provides a unique wedding experience with a ceremony in its “chapel with a twist.” The Taco Bell wedding package includes custom wedding merchandise, a Cinnabon cake, and a bouquet made of Taco Bell sauce packets. Couples can book a $777 Taco Bell wedding just four hours before the ceremony, as long as they follow the restaurant’s wedding dress code: “no shirt, no shoes, no marriage.”

Moreover, in 2020, an Australian couple won a competition held by KFC and had a KFC-themed wedding reception. The prize package included a KFC photo booth, a wedding cake, and a generous supply of the company’s signature fried chicken.

These unique fast food wedding experiences demonstrate the changing trends in the wedding industry and the popularity of unconventional wedding venues and themes.

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