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**CEO Wellness Series: Insights from Maria Shriver**

In our CEO wellness series, we interview top executives to uncover their daily habits and strategies for reducing stress and maintaining well-being.

**Maria Shriver’s Morning Routine and Wellness Tactics**

Maria Shriver is a prominent figure in the media industry. As a mother of four, an Emmy and Peabody award-winning journalist, a bestselling author, and the founder of The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and Shriver Media, Shriver has a demanding schedule. To stay balanced and minimize stress, Shriver follows a specific routine and prioritizes her well-being.

**Starting the Day with Strong Black Coffee**

When it comes to her morning beverage of choice, Shriver prefers a strong black coffee. She enjoys the bold flavor and doesn’t add anything else to it.

**Balanced and Nutritious Breakfast Options**

For breakfast, Shriver often reaches for a MOSH bar, which is part of the brain health brand she founded with her son, Patrick Schwarzenegger. However, if she decides to dine out, she typically orders oatmeal or eggs for a nutritious start to the day.

**Mixing Up the Workout Routine**

Exercise plays a vital role in Shriver’s well-being. After her morning meditation and period of silence, she engages in various activities to keep her workouts interesting. Her routine includes Pilates, strength training, balance exercises, as well as cardio sessions on the treadmill or Lifecycle exercise bike. However, her favorite form of exercise is walking, as it allows her to enjoy the outdoors and unwind.

**Adequate and Restful Sleep**

Shriver understands the importance of quality sleep for overall health and productivity. On a typical night, she aims for 6 to 8 hours of sleep, ensuring she gets the rest she needs to tackle her busy days.

**Destressing through Nature and Connection**

To de-stress, Shriver finds solace in nature. Going for a walk allows her to enjoy the outdoors while being able to connect with loved ones. Whether it’s a call with her brothers or a girlfriend, these conversations provide a sense of connection and help her unwind.

**Prioritizing Well-being over Screen Time**

While many people are curious about their screen time statistics, Shriver prefers not to delve into this information. Instead, she focuses on maintaining a healthy balance between technology and her well-being.

**Instagram as the Most Used App**

Shriver reveals that her most frequently used app is Instagram. Whether it’s for staying connected with friends or sharing parts of her life, she finds the platform engaging and enjoyable.

**The Importance of Taking Time Off**

Even busy executives need to take breaks. Shriver recently took a day off to visit a friend, recognizing the value of taking time for oneself and nurturing personal connections.

**Promoting Employee Wellness**

As a boss, Shriver prioritizes the wellness of her employees. She offers the flexibility to work from home and values being a supportive and understanding leader.

**Favorite Treat: Popcorn**

When it comes to indulging in a treat, Shriver’s favorite is popcorn. Whether it’s a movie night or a simple snack, this crunchy delight brings her joy.

**Maria Shriver’s Happy Place**

Maria Shriver describes her happy place as being in nature. She believes that nature holds wisdom, healing, love, joy, and forgiveness everywhere we look. Connecting with the natural world opens her heart and mind, providing a sense of serenity.

In conclusion, Maria Shriver’s daily routine and wellness tactics demonstrate the importance of prioritizing well-being and finding balance in a demanding world. From her morning coffee to her diverse workout routine, she incorporates various strategies to minimize stress and maintain overall wellness. Through nature and connection, Shriver finds solace and rejuvenation, emphasizing the significance of self-care for everyone, including busy executives.

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