Marathon Ventures: A Company’s Journey

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Welcome to our channel! We are excited to showcase the delicious products from Pear’s Gourmet, an incredible brand under Marathon Ventures. If you love coffee, popcorn, nuts, and more, you’re in for a treat! Join us as Abigail Lill takes us through some of their popular products and highlights what makes Marathon Ventures such a fantastic place to work.

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That was our very first partnership at the Morning Blend, even before the show started. We have been intertwined with Marathon Ventures for over six years now. Marathon Ventures is a local company that prides itself on quality products. And who doesn’t love that?

Abby, from Pear’s Gourmet, is here with us today to showcase some of their amazing items. Before we dive into the goodies, let’s talk about their store location. It’s a well-kept secret in Bellevue. You can find them off Fort Crook Road, right across from the old South Roads Mall. This location serves as their warehouse, production facility, and also houses a fresh store where you can buy their delicious items.

John Larson, an amazing member of the Marathon Ventures team, took me on a tour of their facility a year and a half ago, and it was incredible. I got to see the fudge being made and experience the irresistible aroma. You can truly taste the freshness and quality in every bite because they make their products in small batches.

Now, let’s explore some of their new releases! Introducing their Better Together line, a label created specifically for their ice cream and yogurt toppers. These toppers come in four flavors: rainbow sprinkles, cookies and cream, sweet and salty nuts, and mini gems. They are absolutely delicious and perfect for adding a bit of excitement to your dessert. Kids will love them too!

But wait, there’s more! We can’t forget about their mouthwatering fudge. At the Fresh Roast store, they offer traditional flavors like chocolate and cookies and cream, as well as English walnut. Trust me, it’s hard to resist these one-pound chunks of pure decadence. And if you need something extra for a special occasion, they have surprise trays at the store as well.

And let’s not forget about their partnership with us on the Morning Blend. They have been providing us with Pear’s Gourmet coffee for over six years, and we are loving it. If you’re a fan of K-cups, they recently launched their own collection, which is compatible with most single-serve systems. You can find them in our retail store or online for just $39.95.

Did you know that you can also find their products at Sam’s Club? Now you don’t have to wait for your delivery. Head over to Sam’s Club and grab a big box of their delicious offerings. Check out the adorable picture of two of John Larson’s daughters representing Pear’s Gourmet at Sam’s Club. It’s amazing to see a local company like Marathon Ventures in big retail locations like Hyvee and Sam’s Club, yet they still maintain their commitment to quality and community.

Speaking of community, Marathon Ventures is proud to sponsor various events throughout the year. Keep an eye out for the Boxer 500, Omaha Marathon, Heartland Marathon, and Race for the Cure in October. They love supporting the local community and will be bringing their Pear’s Gourmet coffee and Maggie’s Popcorn to these events.

Make sure to follow their Facebook page for updates on events and special offers. Head over to the Fresh Roast Store’s Facebook page for all the latest updates and exciting news.

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*Source: [Morning Blend Feature: Marathon Ventures and Pear’s Gourmet Products](VIDEO_LINK)*

We love featuring all the delicious products from Pear’s Gourmet here on the Morning Blend! They are part of Marathon Ventures, which includes brands like Pear’s Gourmet Coffee, Maggie’s Popcorn, Herman’s Nut House and more! Today Abigail Lill is here to show off some popular products and tell us what makes Marathon Ventures a great place to work!

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