Leveraging Change with Black Girl Ventures: An Overview

# Black Girl Ventures: Promoting Funding and Support for Black and Brown Women Entrepreneurs

Black Girl Ventures (BGV) is a nonprofit that aims to bridge the funding gap and provide resources to Black and Brown women business owners. Despite the significant contributions of Black and Brown women entrepreneurs in America, they struggle to access capital networks and educational resources. Compared to white men, they make less than a penny on the dollar.

To address this issue, Omi Bell, the CEO of BGV, launched the nonprofit to train, support, and deploy capital to Black and Brown women-owned businesses. BGV offers three core programs to help women founders thrive: BGV Pitch, The Emerging Leaders Fellowship, and BGV NextGen.

BGV Pitch is a signature program that coaches entrepreneurs on pitching and business development. It also includes a community-centered pitch to help them gain visibility. The Emerging Leaders Fellowship focuses on training emerging leaders and HBCU students. And BGV NextGen provides support for younger founders.

In seven years, Black Girl Ventures has funded more than 400 women, held over 50 pitch programs, and served 5,000 founders who generated $10 million in revenue and supported 3,000 jobs. But their goal doesn’t stop there. By 2030, they aim to support 100,000 women-owned companies with sustainable programs in various locations.

Visit their website at []( to learn more about their programs and get involved with BGV. If you’re a Black or Brown woman founder seeking funding, or if you want to support the mission of BGV, join the community and be part of the change.

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*Sourced from the video transcript of [Black Girl Ventures: Promoting Funding and Support for Black and Brown Women Entrepreneurs](*

At Black Girl Ventures our mission is to create access to capital, capacity, and community for Black and Brown women founders. We have three core programs – BGV Pitch, The Emerging Leaders Fellowship, and BGV NextGen.

Get involved with BGV at

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